On "General Hospital," Nelle has managed to talk her way out of a hot spot with Michael and believes she has the upper hand. This week, however, according to spoiler alerts she may find herself dealing with a final confrontation with her lover. Blog Soaps She Knows says that Michael is going to address Miss Hayes but the spoilers do not indicate what the subject matter will be related to. For some reason, the usually sharp-minded young man is missing all the signals that all is not well with this woman he is falling in love with. Perhaps he will find the strength to break up with her and leave this chapter of his life in the past.

Nelle is nothing but trouble

Outside of being Joslyn's kidney donor, Nelle Hayes has been nothing but trouble while in Port Charles. She drugged Sonny and allowed him to believe they slept together and almost caused his marriage to Carly to end. She lied about her past and hid the fact that her former fiance died under suspicious circumstances. In spite of all of this, Michael has decided to have a relationship with this woman, and he continues to ignore the signs that she is trouble.

Miss Hayes said her fiance drowned because she was not strong enough to save both of them and Michael accepted her explanation. He has ignored the warnings of Carly and Bobbie and even dismissed a relative of the man who drowned who said Nelle is a murderer.

Michael also forgave his girlfriend for lying that she no longer had the engagement ring which was a family heirloom. He even stayed with her when she refused to give it back to her fiance's relatives.

Curtis brought Michael proof that Nelle is a liar

Michael hired Curtis to prove Nelle was innocent and that the death of her former boyfriend was an accident.

Curtis returned, instead, with evidence that Miss Hayes is a champion swimmer, and strong enough to have saved both herself and her fiance. Once again, she talked her way out of the issue, and Michael forgave her. The son of Sonny and Carly should have a lot more discernment where this woman is concerned. He should be wary and suspicious, but he keeps falling for her lies.

Nelle believes she has this young man wrapped around her little finger, and that she can get away with anything, possibly even murder. This week, however, she may find she is not able to talk her way out of a sticky situation, because when Michael confronts her this time, it may end their relationship for good. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC.