Drag Queen and fashionista VIZIN has truly arrived back in style. The gorgeous American star has just dropped her new single "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)." The track was produced by billboard mixer Hector Fonseca. Hector has had an impressive run with over 20 Billboard No.1 remixes including Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Sia and Katy Perry.

With a fantastic team onboard, the song is a perfect party anthem. Full of fun pop, the video matches the single perfectly containing gorgeous men, glitz, and glamour. Watch closely and you may just see a few familiar faces: Manila Luzon and Mariah Balenciaga (Both of 'RuPaul’s Drag Race', Season 3), Cassandra Cass ('Strut', Oxygen), Eric Leonardo ('Finding Prince Charming', Logo), model Brandon Cole Bailey and Justin Jedlica (Human Ken.)

With so many famous faces starring in the video VIZIN embraced the fun when filming.

"My favorite part was probably the ‘de-dragging.’ Taking the Dragon off (that’s what I call her) is always my favorite. In all honesty, the entire experience was amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Being felt up by Michael Silas wasn’t bad either..."

Becoming a queen

VIZIN explains why she decided to become a drag queen "I like to say, I didn’t choose drag, drag chose me. I was probably the gayest little boy you could imagine. I always wore Jellies and quite often turned my shirts into skirts. I drove my mom nuts with all the collars I ruined." The reasoning behind her stage name is just as glamorous as her image "VIZIN (pronounced like vision) was inspired by my Native American background.

I wanted my name to say something that expressed that and I thought about ‘vision quest’ one day and voila! VIZIN was born."

The star has also conquered another goal, VIZIN has lost a staggeringly impressive 500 pounds and is down to a slim 200 pounds. Of course, weight loss shouldn’t be the main focus as the star as a striking set of vocals.

However, VIZIN explains it was her mother that inspired her to be healthy and lose the weight. "I had been a big kid my entire life and was used to being supersized. Eventually, I realized I wasn’t going anywhere and something had to change. If it weren’t for my mother, that change never would have come. She put me on the path to having gastric bypass surgery and inspired me with her support to lose the weight."

Drag has become incredibly popular in the last few years and with RuPaul’s DragCon having over 40,000 fans attend this year’s convention, popularity is rising.

The show has become a huge mainstream success, some drag queens have worried about it becoming just a trend. Queens who haven’t appeared on the show are faced with more criticism or countlessly being asked if they will apply.

I was born this way

VIZIN is optimistic and positive about these topics instead choosing to see the success bringing new opportunities “There is a certain amount of pressure; but Drag Race is such an entity all on its own now, that it has opened up avenues and opportunities for queens like myself to explore outside of the show. There are good and bad parts just because everyone is a critic now and there seems to be a standard of drag now that queens are unfairly held to.” But the queen is honest and open about applying for Drag Race "I’ve considered it but never thought I was ready.

However, moving out here and meeting people like my creative director Leo Madrid has made me realize I can be successful outside of the show."

This has proven incredibly true with her video out now touring whilst working on new music. VIZIN also had her single ‘Born this way’ feature in popular designer Marco Marco's 'A Night In The Red Light' show. She launched her 'I Was Born This Way' USA club tour, starting with Long Beach Pride in southern California where she shared the festival bill with Chaka Khan and Jodi Watley and LA Pride with Aaron Carter. With the future looking incredibly bright what’s next on the agenda? "Right now, I’m touring as much as I can. I’m working on original songs now with my producer Chris Rosa (RuPaul).

He produced the first two cover singles and we’re excited to finish writing. That’s my favorite part."

This queen is well on her way to conquering the drag world without having to feature on drag race. Check out the new single "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" now on YouTube.

Fun fact: When you have a wardrobe malfunction during your first official night in drag and your breast accidentally lights up in the middle of the club. Whoops!