Owen and Amelia have seen better times and tough times in their marriage, although the latter outweighs the good ones. They were estranged for the most part of season 13 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and it seemed they were bound for divorce. However, episode 4 of season 14 hinted that they are willing to give their relationship a second chance.

What’s next for Amelia and Owen?

Kevin Mckidd, who plays Owen, teased at a hopeful future for the couple in “Grey’s Anatomyseason 14. He hinted that they are headed for reconciliation. The couple is starting over and this means long-buried conversations about family will come back up.

Owen and Amelia might even revisit the topic of having children. “I think all those conversations will be fully back on the table because they’re almost starting from zero again,” McKidd tells Entertainment Weekly. Now that they are relearning each other again, “all those big life questions will absolutely be front and center for the two of them.”

Does this mean that Owen and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) are going to have kids? Not necessarily, but the topic can be a story point for the couple to explore going into the season. They do not have to rush things. For now, they have to take things slow since they are still relearning things about each other. They need to work together and focus on a bright future ahead.

Fresh start for Amelia and Owen

This means Owen and Amelia must learn to let go and bury old wounds if they want to rebuild their relationship. They would have to start with a clean slate. After all, the tumor was responsible for the changes in Amelia’s personality, which inadvertently affected her marriage to Owen. Now that it is out of her head following a successful surgery, she should be back to her coherent self.

She should no longer be making impulsive decisions. With the tumor gone, Amelia should regain that warmth in her personality and be the life of the party again.

Of course, she must talk things through with Owen after she has overcome the trauma. They need to revisit the past and find out if any of the events that happened were real or not.

If they want to give their marriage a second chance then they should look at things positively moving forward and let go of old baggage. Fans will see just how far they will go to fix their marriage in Episode 5 of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 14. In this episode titled “Danger Zone,” Owen and Amelia hash out old wounds.