The highly-anticipated fashion show from world’s largest lingerie company Victoria’s Secret is just around the corner. This year, it will be held in Shanghai, China and fans are excited for the return of angel Karlie Kloss who has been out of the show for two years already because of her hectic schedule and responsibilities.

In an Instagram post, Kloss confirmed her return by saying that she is excited to be seeing her fans and co-angels in Shanghai and tagged Victoria’s Secret official Instagram account. The rumor that has been recently confirmed started when Kloss was spotted at Victoria’s Secret headquarters in New York during castings for the upcoming Fashion Show.

What Kloss has been doing recently

Karlie Kloss stunned the audience with her angelic look during her appearance in Victoria’s Secret runway in London way back 2014. She has been doing a very remarkable job in the VS runway since she started in 2011 that is why fans were wondering why she didn’t take part in the 2015 and 2016 fashion show. It was later on revealed that her contract wasn’t renewed for the last two years because of her hectic commitments outside Victoria’s Secret.

In the last two years, Kloss has pursued her studies at New York University and made several cool stuff. She even started her own brand of cookies called “Karlie’s Kookies” which is actually far from her modeling forte.

The 25-year old VS angel also went out to learn how to code and eventually held a summer camp for young girls to learn how to code and for them to be well-versed with the past paced technological world.

But Despite her busy schedule, she has always been supporting the other angels in their VS fashion shows. It can be noted in her Instagram post during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 held in Paris that she extended her regards and love to the rest of the angels.

She said that she was thinking of all the angels and her entire VS family as they made their way to Paris. She also added that an obligation outside VS is keeping her from joining the show and that she is so sad. However, she still hopes for the best for the angels, and now Karlie made her way back to Victoria’s Secret runway.

New angels walking the VS runway

Being an annual fashion event, Victoria’s Secret runway is walked on by various models may they be new or recurring. This year, in addition to Karlie Kloss’ return in the VS house of angels, new ladies will be storming the runway. Grace Bol, Frida Aasen, and Victoria Lee are some of the new faces of VS who might be starting a whole new horizon for their modeling career. It also includes Xin Xie, Alexina Graha, and Estelle Chen.