"Game of Thrones" actors and real-life couple Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie have decided to tie the knot. The news was announced earlier today September 26, 2017. Fans are beyond delighted for the couple who played love interests on the show "Game of Thrones."

The couple met on 'Game of Thrones'

According to the Business Insider, actors Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie first met during shooting for the second season of the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones." The pair played love interests on the show before Rose's character was killed off. It has been confirmed that the began dating in 2012 and moved in together before getting engaged.

In a report by MSN Entertainment, Kit Harrington has stated that he found it extremely easy to fall in love with Rose. He stated that when they first got to know each other, they were on set for "Game of Thrones" and they were surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Iceland. He stated that the romantic atmosphere, and the fact that they played love interests on the show, led to them forming a loving relationship with one another.

Rumors that the pair were dating surfaced as soon as their characters were introduced on the show. Throughout 2012, there were several posts about the actors as they were spotted on dates together.

The pair are engaged

According to AU News, a source has stated that Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie are engaged.

The source has claimed that the couple is yet to set a date for their wedding but are excited to tell close family and friends that they have decided to tie the knot. The couple has been dating for five years and moved in together in January of 2017.

The source claims that Kit Harrington knew for ages that Rose was the woman who he wanted to marry but that he wanted to make things more concrete between them before he popped the question.

Kit wanted the pair to move in together and for Rose to get comfortable in their new home.

In a report by the Business Inside, Harrington revealed that when his girlfriend moved in, he told Rose that she could change anything she wanted in the home as he wanted it to be a space for the two of them. He joked that when he came back from work later that day, Rose announced that she wanted to move the kitchen downstairs.

Neither Kit Harrington nor Rose Leslie has yet commented on their engagement. Fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement so that they can express their congratulations to the happy couple.