"General Hospital" fans were elated on Wednesday to see their favorite computer geek was back in town. Bradford Anderson reprised his role as Damian Spinelli and returned to Port Charles. Spinelli has returned to help his buddy Jason solve a mystery, No details yet on how long he will be on screen.

Spinelli runs into old friends

Sonny Corinthos was the first person that Damian ran into. Sonny had a hard time warming up to the computer geek when he was first on the show. Spinelli spoke really fast and used nicknames for everyone. Sonny was always asking; "What did he say?" or "Get him out of here." Over time Mr.

Corinthos came to appreciate the unique skills of the Jackal. As Sonny and Spinelli were ending their conversation Carly came in. The bright smile on her face when she saw Spinelli said it all. Carly was really glad to see him.

After leaving Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos Spinelli went to see his favorite person in Port Charles Stone Cold also known as Jason Morgan. This is the reason Damian came back to town. Jason needs his computer skills to help him solve a mystery involving his son Jake. Jason needs to find the identity of the who it was that actually sent the Chimera to Jake in the magic kit.

The Jackal's computer skills are still on point

Spinelli seemed somewhat out of place as he sat down the computer keyboard.

Perhaps it's because he has not been in Port Charles for a while. Soon, however, the Jackal let his fans know that his hacking skills are still on point. He quickly found an image of the person who is behind the magic kit box being sent to Jake. The mystery man happens to be one of Helena Cassadine's minions named Costa.

Now that Spinelli has given Jason the ammunition he needs how long will he stay in town?

Will Stone Cold need his unique abilities a little longer or was this one day it for the computer geek? If he remains what will be his purpose in Port Charles? And what about the child he left behind in Oregon?

Spinelli, Ellie, Georgie, and Maxie need closure

So far there has been no mention of Damian;s daughter Georgie. It's assumed she is in Portland but who is minding the little girl?

Is she with her stepmom Ellie or her biological mother Maxie? Kirsten Storms who portrays Maxie was spotted on the set of "General Hospital." Spoiler alerts hinted she may be returning to town with Damian but so far she is still a no show. Fans are eager for closure with this situation. If Kirsten is returning to the show she needs to be reunited with her husband Nathan.

If Kirsten is returning to the show she needs to be reunited with her on-screen husband Nathan. If not there should be some type of resolution between Maxie, Spinelli, Ellie, and Georgie. And Nathan should move on with his life. Until these issues are sorted out fans of Bradford Anderson are thankful for whatever time he is willing to give us on "General Hospital."