Loyal Julexis fans may soon have something to rejoice about on "General Hospital." Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry are stating that Scott Baldwin will bring exciting news to Alexis within the next two weeks. William Devry is slated to return to the show during November Sweeps so this most likely indicates that Julian is being released from prison. DeVry had issues with contract negotiations during the summer, and by the time a deal was reached, his character had been off screen for several months. Now that he is returning, viewers are sure to see a romantic reunion between the mobster and his lawyer wife.

Julian and Alexis are considered a super couple

Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis have one of those relationships that the fans just can't get enough of on the show. Their past history, as well as their on-screen chemistry, has given them the status of being a super couple. When it was rumored that Julain might leave Port Charles for good, loyal fans set up a Facebook page in honor of Julexis. They also e-mailed William DeVry, as well as "General Hospital" executive producer Frank Valentini, begging them to work something out and keep this beloved character on the show.

Spoiler alerts teased that fans probably had seen the last of "Julexis," but those who love this couple never gave up hope for a grand reunion.

Eventually, an agreement was reached, and now Alexis and Julian can give the viewers more of those passionate love scenes they are famous for. When Julian went straight to prison, some viewers felt cheated out of a final love scene with Alexis, but now there is the opportunity to make up for lost time.

Julian is paying for Oliva's crimes

Julian is being punished for the crimes that his sister Olivia Jerome committed. When he was sentenced to 20 years in prison, Alexis looked as though her heart was breaking. By that time, however, fans had already heard the news that William DeVry had signed a new contract. It had been reported that he would return in October, along with Steve Burton, but spoilers now say Julian will be back in Port Charles in November.

Spoiler alerts do not indicate what will get the mobster out of prison but suggest his appeal may be approved. Alexis will probably have mixed emotions when Scott gives her the good news. She has tried to forget her husband, and Sam has even pushed her to move on by dating Dr. Bensch. Once Julian returns, however, his wife will not be able to deny the passion that burns between them. Julexis fans will be eagerly awaiting that first passionate reunion between their favorite couple.