General Hospital” spoilers reveal that viewers will finally see fan-favorite actor Steve Burton back on the soap again and they cannot wait to see where this storyline is headed. People have been buzzing about this return since it was confirmed and there are many theories floating around about who he'll ultimately play what comes next. What spoilers are available for this upcoming storyline so far?

Steve Burton is playing Patient 6

As TVLine details, Steve Burton's return officially begins on Tuesday's episode. “General Hospital” spoilers indicate that the face of the mysterious Patient 6 will be revealed and as many theorized, Burton is the man in the role.

However, that doesn't explain who he is really playing.

Once Steve's “General Hospital” return was confirmed, fans started buzzing about whether he would play Jason Morgan or someone else. Viewers are torn, as many have come to love Billy Miller in the role. On the other hand, there are plenty of others who have always seen Burton as the true Jason. Would Steve replace Billy? Luckily, it doesn't look as if that's on the horizon.

Does Steve's return threaten Billy Miller's role?

Everybody will have to tune in to see whether Burton or Miller turn out to be the real Jason, but “General Hospital” spoilers detail that Steve will be on the show for a while.

Most believe that the current Franco storyline, where he is grappling with memories of a boy from his childhood resembling Jason, is connected to his return. However, it isn't entirely clear yet how this will all fit together.

Executive producer Frank Valentini has said that there is virtually nobody in Port Charles who won't be impacted by Burton's return.

The show won't try to pull one over on everybody by pretending this character doesn't resemble Jason. Rather, “General Hospital” spoilers hint that the resemblance will be central to the upcoming storyline. Is Steve is the true Jason, with Billy playing an imposter, or is Burton coming back to play someone else entirely? How does all of this relate to Franco?

As Entertainment Weekly shares, Valentini thinks that this will be an interesting and fun storyline for the audience to follow. Tune in to “General Hospital” on Tuesday, September 19 to see the first glimpse of Steve Burton on the show again and stay tuned for additional “GH” spoilers regarding what's coming next with his return. Which actor do you think should truly be Jason Morgan when all of the dust settles - Steve Burton or Billy Miller?