Big Brother 19” has been over for a week now, yet everyone is still talking about it. This season had several popular houseguests. Jessica Graf was booted out before making it to the jury, but she landed a role on “The Bold and the Beautiful” while “Big Brother” was still airing. Her boyfriend, Cody Nickson, won America's Favorite Player even though there were plenty who didn't like him. Christmas Abbott came in third place behind two of her favorite guys. Despite what things looked like on the television, the third runner-up says she can leave things in the past.

'The Amazing Race' decision

It was announced that Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson would be joining “The Amazing Race.” This was something that Christmas Abbott specifically wanted to do after being in the “Big Brother” house. She was injured during the second week and while her foot is still healing, she was still looking forward to an offer from the CBS reality show. Instead of being bitter, Abbott is going to root for the couple. According to Us Weekly, Christmas says that despite the disagreements in the house, she can let the past be the past. The animosity is not going forward and is excited to watch Jessica and Cody compete. In fact, she complimented them on their physical abilities.

Christmas Abbott caught a lot of nasty comments when she got back on social media.

She was called out for her lack of competition and her essential “float” through the “Big Brother” game. Because Jason Dent fell on her foot and broke it week two, she was carried based on guilt. That wasn't exactly how she remembered it though. Christmas was adamant about not being able to show how physical she was and finishing in third place was no easy feat.

What's next for Christmas Abbott?

Right now, Christmas Abbott hasn't shared what happens next in her life. It is only a week after the finale and right now, the press is still booming. She had mentioned she wanted to explore a relationship with Paul Abrahamian, but it doesn't appear that he is interested in that. Abbott is 35 and Abrahamian is still in his 20s.

He didn't few her in that way but apparently is open to remaining good friends. After all, he has always been about the friendship. “Big Brother” was a dream for her and she is going to have amazing memories of making it almost to the final two.

The next few months will determine where Christmas Abbott is headed. For now, she is enjoying time back in the real world and navigating through offers sent her way.