Any "General Hospital" spoilers hinting that Bryan Craig is coming back as Morgan Corinthos should be ignored. Unless they want him to show up for a one-day shoot for a guest arc as a ghost, forget it. Bryan has made the big leap to prime time and makes his first appearance of many on The CW's military drama "Valor." Although "Valor" started last week, Bryan wasn't on the premiere episode but will be on all the remaining ones for the rest of the season. Also, if the show gets picked up for season two, the young actor will be way too busy for soaps.

Bryan Craig also has movies coming out

In addition to his new prime-time show "Valor" on The CW, Bryan has two movies coming out soon that he shot back to back after he quit "General Hospital.". The actor broke his contract to pursue other opportunities. Bryan Craig's first movie role after his fiery exit from "General Hospital" was "Ride" where he stars as the villain of the movie, a tough thug named Jack. Coming off that film, Bryan was tapped to play Ryan Caulder in "American Fighter," a gritty film about the world of underground fighting. Both films are scheduled for release later this year.

Check Bryan out tonight as Adam Coogan on "Valor"

Tonight on "Valor," airing on The CW at 9 pm, Bryan makes his debut as Sergeant Adam Coogan who leads an elite Delta Force squad that will play a part in the rescue mission headed to Somalia to recover American soldiers lost in combat.

Bryan has filled his Instagram feed with tons of photos of himself on set looking scruffy and sexy in his Army camo uniform. In honor of his debut tonight on the show, the former soap hunk is doing an Instagram takeover of the CW's "Valor" account. Check it out on Instagram to see what he posts to get fans ready for tonight's show.

Morgan's death anniversary - no recast, no return

This past week on "General Hospital," there have been several mentions of Morgan's explosive death as the ABC soap hit the one year anniversary of his tragic death.

This put Bryan Craig back on the minds of "GH" fans that miss seeing him on the soap. It seems that never more than a week goes by without one of Morgan's parents bringing up his death or blaming Ava Jerome [Maura West] for what happened to him, but unless the soap recasts, that doesn't seem likely.

In a recent interview with The Inquisitr, Bryan Craig shared that he hopes they don't recast the role and let the tragic ending stand. He also shared that ABC showrunner Frank Valentini feels the same way and has no plans to resurrect the son of Port Charles' biggest mob boss. Morgan will be missed, but you can check out Bryan Craig tonight on The CW at 9 pm on "Valor." Check out the episode preview video below to see a first look at Bryan in his sexy uniform at the eight-second mark. Come back soon for more "General Hospital" spoilers.