For weeks on "General Hospital' viewers have been wondering about the fate of Billy Miller. He has not been seen since his character was shot and went into a coma. The rumor mill suggested that he may be leaving the show just as Steve Burton was returning. Spoiler alerts, however, have just confirmed that Miller will be sticking around Port Charles and that Jason will soon awaken from his comatose state. The shocker is that he will have no memory of who he is, and once again become Jake Doe. His wife Sam, will be devastated to find that her husband no longer recognizes her.

This twist in the storyline will be a part of the nine-month plot to determine the true identity of Miller's character.

Billy Miller as Jason number two

The plot is thickening regarding Franco and the two Jasons with the question being which one is the original Stone Cold and who is the possible twin brother? Prior to his character being shot, both Carly and Sam have commented more than once that Mr. Morgan is not the same man as he was before returning to Port Charles. Along with keeping fans in suspense by not showing Billy Miller's face, there is heightened speculation that Steve Burton would return to "General Hospital" in the role he created. Having Jason number two wake up as Jake Doe only adds to the suspense.

It would be too easy to say that Miller is an imposter or the twin and that Steve Burton is reclaiming the role he originated. This is why the "General Hospital" writers have Franco looking for the boy in the picture and Ava talking to the masked man who responds to Nikolas Cassadine's name but has the face of Jason number one.

All of these are red herrings to throw viewers off track as the nine-month saga unfolds.

Nikolas, Miller, Burton and Franco

"General Hospital" viewers have a few facts they need to hold onto as this storyline unfolds. The little boy in Franco's photos has the same face as Steve Burton who is currently patient number six in the Russian clinic.

This could suggest that they are one and the same and were separated from Billy Miller's Jason at birth. Having Ava feel a connection to him along with his responding to the name Nikolas may be to throw viewers off track. This will cause viewers to consider that the masked man is the Cassadine prince rather than Jason Quartermaine Morgan.

There have been rumors that the role of Nikolas is going to be recast, but the Cassadines are Greek with dark features. Having Steve Burton return as this character would be a disservice to the loyal fans. It is more likely that he is the twin and Billy Miller will remain as Jason. Otherwise, a lot of history would have to be rewritten, and numerous explanations would be needed.

If Burton is the original Jason, how did he end up in Russia and who is the wealthy family paying for his treatment? How did Helena Cassadine get ahold of his twin, give him plastic surgery and give him all of Jason's memories? Most importantly what do Heather, Scotty and Franco's adopted mom Mrs. Frank know about all of this? Stay tuned for spoilers and keep watching "General Hospital" weekdays on ABC.