They recently shared the season finale of "7 Little Johnstons." With this finale, TLC didn't share any news about if the show is coming back for another season or not. In Touch Weekly shared the news about what is going on with the upcoming season and if there will be one or not. Season three only had six episodes, which just isn't enough. Everyone wants more of Amber, Trent, and their five kids Jonah, Anna, Elizabeth, Alex and Emma. Everyone loves watching what is called the biggest little family.

Where did this season end?

This season of "7 Little Johnstons" left the family not even knowing where they are going to live.

They were able to sell their house, but the house that they wanted to buy didn't work out. They packed up and moved out just to go to a hotel and live until they found their perfect home. The fact that they left it like this makes it pretty convincing that the show will be back for another season in the future. The Fans need to know how this story ends.

It was a great season watching the Johnston family go through a surgery, Amber starting to work in real estate and also the big adjustment with the house. The considered adding to their family but didn't do it. You never know when they will decide is the right time for that and the fans would love to see another child at their home.

Is it coming back again?

So far, there is no word on if the show "7 Little Johnstons" will be back for another season or not. The fans are really hopeful that it will come back, but TLC isn't saying a word. The one thing to remember is that TLC is known for not letting anyone know if shows are coming back again and then announcing the next season.

It wouldn't be shocking at all if they are already filming, but just not telling anyone. That is the way that they have done several shows in the past.

The fans have made it clear by going to social networks that they want more of this show. One fan said, "This season went by too fast. Hope for more episodes next season. It’s one of the best series on TV." This show is great for teaching children as well.

On the season finale, Trent took kids calling them the "m" word and turned it into a teaching moment. He pulled the kids aside and explained to them they don't like to be called that any more than those children would like to be called a negative word.

Do you feel like "7 Little Johnstons" will come back again for another season? Do you want to see more of Amber and Trent and their family? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.