Ladies, you might as well reinstall that dating app on your phone because John Stamos is officially off the market. On Sunday, October 23, Stamos proposed to his girlfriend Caitlin McHugh and she said yes. Wouldn't you?

Disneyland is where it's at

John Stamos popped the question when the couple was at Disneyland, and it was just as fantastic and romantic as one would expect from the “Fuller House” actor. McHugh is a lover of all things Disney, and so Stamos, with the help of some film industry friends, put together a short film of pieced-together scenes from various Disney and Pixar favorites.

The finale was Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid” telling Stamos to “ask the girl!” The gorgeous Neil Lane diamond on Caitlin McHugh’s ring finger proves that he did just that.

After the film, proposal, and acceptance, the happy couple celebrated with their loved ones at 21 Royal, a Disney restaurant that offers a unique and luxurious dining experience. With the proposal and after-party having such an obvious Disney theme, perhaps we can expect an equally Disney-inspired wedding to follow?

Adorable Instagram pics

The rest of the world found out about the couple's engagement when Stamos posted an adorable illustration on Instagram of himself and McHugh embracing in front of the Disney castle, and the caption read “I asked…she said yes!

…And we lived happily ever after.” Stamos later posted a pic of the couple wearing Mickey Mouse ears and Caitlin’s headpiece was sporting a veil. Having posted a previous photo of herself and Stamos walking hand-in-hand around Disneyland, McHugh's claim that "I'll always be the Mickey to his.....whatever he feels like wearing" seems to indeed be true.

The two have been dating since 2016 and various interviews, Instagram posts, and paparazzi photos have informed the public of their love for each other and for Disney, so it’s not much of a surprise that Stamos chose the happiest place on earth for his proposal.

Stamos and McHugh prove that even if you film together, you can stay together

Caitlin McHugh is an actress who has appeared in films such as “48 Hours to Live” and “I Am Legend.” She’s also appeared in several television shows, including a recurring role as Sloan on “The Vampire Diaries.”

McHugh and Stamos recently finished filming a short movie called “Ingenueish,” a project that Stamos directed and McHugh starred in. Laughing, McHugh told People magazine that if the couple can survive doing a film together, they can do anything. “We’re both still alive so it’s great!” Their engagement announcement proves they are more than alive, they are living happily ever after.