Some fans who have been waiting for a long time to hear “Thinking Out Loud,” “Shape of You,” “Photograph,” and “How Would You Feel” life will have to postpone their plans as singer Ed Sheeran canceled some of his shows following a car accident that left him injured.

The 26-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer was hit by a car while cycling in London and injured his right wrist and left elbow. His wrist has already been cast while he wears an arm sling for his injured elbow.

Ed Sheeran confirms injury through Instagram

On his Instagram, Sheeran said that a visit to the doctors confirmed his injuries and that he will be “unable to perform live concerts for the immediate future.”

Sheeran also revealed that the shows in Taipei, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo, and Hong Kong will be canceled and he is still waiting for news on whether some of his other shows will also be affected.

The post also included that it was not the British superstar who wrote the message since he still cannot type with the gravity of his injuries.

According to the BBC, Sheeran has eight other shows this year, featuring sold-out concerts in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. He will then have a three-month break that will render him available for the Grammys and the Brit Awards before he continues his tour in Australia.

The show will go on

Fans may be wondering why Sheeran’s injuries are keeping him from performing if he can just sing, but every Sheeran fan knows that Ed performs solo in his concerts with a guitar and a loop pedal.

But fans from down under will have nothing to worry as Sheeran’s promoter, Frontier Touring, said that the show will not be postponed.

According to Touring, Ed Sheeran will most likely recover just in time for the Australia show; which will be done sometime around March of 2018.

While some have expressed their compassion for Sheeran, other fans have not taken the situation lightly, venting their anger towards Sheeran about the cancellation of tour shows.

Some have been questioning the motives behind the cancellations saying that Sheeran can still perform with a band, but Sheeran has said he is not comfortable going on stage with anyone else and prefers to perform his shows by himself.

Ed Sheeran also has upcoming concerts in several parts of the United States next year, such as California, Houston, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, and Minnesota. Tickets for those shows will be available for purchase on Sheeran's website on October 20.