Ed Sheeran is reportedly cancelling the remaining Tour dates on his current tour due to an injury suffered during a bicycle crash. The "Shape of You" singer took to Instagram on Tuesday and revealed his recent condition. He added that he has to follow his doctor's orders, and canceling his shows in five Asian cities is necessary. In a report from Entertainment Tonight, it was learned that the famous singer suffered from arm injuries during his accident.

Sheeran revealed in his statement, "A visit to my doctors confirmed fractures in my right wrist and left elbow that will leave me unable to perform live concerts for the immediate future." The singer was sad following his announcement that his shows won't go on as planned.

Healing progress

While the singer formally announces the cancellation of his shows, he also added that he needs to see his recovery progress before he can decide on when to get back on his shows. Sheeran, who confirmed his arm injuries on Monday, concluded his message that he wasn't the one typing his Instagram post since both of his arms were harmed and bandaged.

Despite leaving his fans sad with his tour cancellation, the singer also gave his fans a sigh of relief when he told them to stay tuned for more details as he might be announcing his comeback in due time. The singer is supposed to perform on his live concerts in Taipei, Seoul, Osaka, and Hong Kong next week.

Live performances

In a report by Entertainment Weekly, the "Shape of You" singer had a sudden Bicycle Accident, and he needs to follow medical advice from his doctors.

His future tour dates will only be determined unless he gets healed fast. Sheeran is known for his live-concert performances around the world. Perhaps, most of his fans were saddened by the news.

He reportedly had two arms broken, and thus, it would be very hard for him to perform with his guitar. He also added that the injury he obtained caused him a lot of trouble.

However, he was left with no choice but to follow his doctor's advice.

In the midst of his canceled tour dates, the singer is supposed to start performing for his Asian leg tour on October 22. According to Entertainment Weekly, Sheeran is also set to resume his next leg of the concert performance in Australia in March 2018, following his four-month break from work. While the singer just wrapped up his tours in Europe and Latin America, Sheeran is slated to get back to his live-concert performance prior to his bicycle accident.