The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrows" Season 6 reveal the possibility of Batman debuting in the "Arrowverse." Cast member Stephen Amell told Entertainment Weekly (via Comic Book Resources) that his character, Oliver Queen, will name drop the "coolest" DC character in this week's episode.

There are also new leaked behind-the-scenes photos of Green Arrow fighting the Nazi versions of Prometheus and Supergirl for the upcoming "Crisis on Earth X" crossover event. Oliver will join the rest of the DC TV heroes to fight Nazi invaders.

Bruce Wayne in season 6?

According to Amell, Oliver will deliver a speech in episode 2 after he was exposed as the Green Arrow on TV. The latter will address the public about his situation and will deny the allegations. His speech will reference another DC character in the show.

"I came in and talk with reporters, and one of the things that I'm enjoying as mayor this year, and Oliver as the character to a certain extent, is I've tried to up the charm factor a little bit, " Amell said. "In that scene, we get to do the coolest name drop that we'eve evet done on the show, which I was really fired up about."

While the "TMNT 2" star did not reveal the identity of the character, Screenrant speculated that this person could be Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman.

The Dark Knight's appearance in the "Arrowverse" was first teased on the future article in Eobard Thawne's Time Vault, and it revealed that Oliver's company, Queen Consolidated, merged with Wayne Enterprises.

Batman characters such as Ra's al' Ghul, Anarky, and Prometheus made their live-action appearances on "Arrow" and Kara Danvers once mentioned that Superman teamed-up with a vigilante in Gotham City.

Earth X invasion

It seems that behind-the-scenes photos of the "Crisis on Earth X" have been leaked online as YVR Shoots posted a photo of Green Arrow fighting Prometheus X. The Nazi archer is speculated to be an evil version of Oliver, while other fans claim that he could be the Earth X version of Quentin Lance or Roy Harper.

Joining Prometheus X is the Nazi Kara Danvers a.k.a. Overgirl. Twitter username Lizabeth Zehner posted several photos of the evil Supergirl jumping off a building. The setting of the photos might take place on the church where Barry Allen and Iris West will get married.

The "Arrowverse" heroes will join forces The Ray and his Freedom Fighters to stop the Nazi army from taking over Earth 1. "Crisis on Earth X" will premiere on Nov. 27-28.