A few days ago the producers of "Dragon Ball Super" launched a preview of episode 109 that left all the fans shocked.

In the preview, we can see many amazing things, such as the return of the Spirit Bomb, Goku being stepped over by Jiren, the Kaioken x20, and something even more interesting. It seems that Jiren is maintaining some sort of telepathic communication with Vermouth.

One of the theories about this scene is that Jiren is somehow controlled by Vermouth, in other words, the strongest warrior in the arena is nothing but a puppet of the God Of Destruction from Universe 11.

In fact, this could explain why, even though he is not the strongest warrior, is Toppo the leader of the Pride Troopers. It would also explain why this Universe is still so confident of winning the contest with only three warriors left in their team.

Yet, of course, there are many more possibilities and theories open for discussion, and it is possible that the mystery may be solved in a different way.

Where does Jiren’s strength come from?

Is it possible for Jiren, aided by the divine powers of Vermouth, to defeat Goku?Vermouth has somehow already transferred a portion of his powers to Jiren, and alternatively, he is also communicating with his warrior through telepathy. This could be the secret behind Jiren’s power and supremacy in the Tournament of Power.

If Vermouth is able to control and/or guide Jiren, then this could be the reason why he has power equal to that of the Gods of destruction, and the reason why he is so dominant. It would even explain why Jiren has such a blank expression in his eyes, not transmitting feelings of any kind whatsoever. Being a puppet of Vermouth, Jiren is unable to be himself and thus express his emotions.

He would simply follow the God’s orders to the letter.

Jiren, the retired God of destruction

This theory has gained popularity lately and implies that Jiren is, in fact, a retired God of destruction, who maybe vanished for some reason. The same theory explains that Toppo is the next aspirant to be the next God of destruction from Universe 11, and this would explain why he is the leader of the Pride Troopers even though he is weaker than Jiren.

What is still unknown is if Jiren retired from his duties as a God of destruction through his own will, or if he was expelled. Maybe there is a person Jiren loves and he would not be able to destroy them if need be, or even allow him to make wrong decisions.