The titles and synopses of episodes 107, 108 and 109 of Dragon Ball Super” have been revealed. According to our information, an incredible plot is about to begin on September and early October, with totally unexpected events. Yet, it is a must that you take into consideration that some of these titles and synopses have not yet been officially confirmed, since they’ve been obtained from a very famous Japanese forum: 2chan.

Still we must also consider that that forum has leaked on many occasions important parts of the plot, such as the resurrection and return of the Emperor Of Evil Frieza, among other details of the series.

Taking this into consideration, we believe that the information obtained is reliable.

Episode 107 of “Dragon Ball Super”

Title: Frost’s revenge!. The cheater warrior from Universe 6

Release date: September 16th.

Synopsis: Fuwa, the Supreme Kai of Universe 6, has ordered Frost to eliminate the warriors from Universe 7. If he succeeds in achieving this goal, his crimes will be immediately pardoned, so the warrior accepts the offer without a second thought and heads straight to attack Master Roshi.

Episode 108

Title: Frieza and Frost!. Their goals align!”

Release date: September 23rd

Synopsis: The emperor of evil of Universe 7 attacks his new victim. In the meantime, Son Gohan is also having a fierce battle against Jimisu, the Yadratian from Universe 2, who finally reveals his true power.

As the Saiyan struggles to defeat his enemy, Frieza watches and does absolutely nothing to help him. In fact, he laughs devilishly at his team partner situation.

Episode 109

Title: The strongest warrior approaches Goku!. The Spirit Bomb returns!!”

Release date: October 7th

Synopsis: Gohan’s battle is not finished yet, and his father is unable to help him since he is facing Brianne, the magic warrior from Universe 2.

In her quest to become the beloved goddess of humanity, she mercilessly attacks Goku to win the Tournament of Power.

In that context, Jiren (who’s been saving his energy for the last moment), finally decides to attack. He steps in front of Goku, unleashing his power and managing to inflict terror on everyone else, including those who are not fighting in the tournament.

Considering all this new information we can be pretty sure that the next episodes and months will be crucial in Dragon Ball Super’s plot. It seems that ahead of us lie the most important battles of the tournament, so these will be the most important episodes to watch. Will you miss them??