derick dillard has had his foot in his mouth for much over the year. It all started when he talked about fellow TLC star, Jazz Jennings. It has since turned into a media firestorm, with several big publications calling him out for being homophobic and racist. Dillard has been fired up, going on Twitter rants about his beliefs. When there is pushback from his followers, he simply quotes a Bible verse.

Target is Derick's new focus

Aside from the fact that he worked for Target's biggest competition, he has beef to pick with the retailer. It stems from the store's bathroom policy, which is accommodating to transgender people.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Derrick Dillard shared an article on Twitter about Target and ignited a debate. Everyone knows he isn't interested in transgender rights. In fact, he doesn't believe transgender people are a real thing. Target's bathroom acceptance has gotten his attention and now, he is on a mission to preach about how wrong it is. Dillard has called for a boycott of Target. This is not a new concept, in fact, it was called for when the initiative was rolled out.

This isn't shocking coming from Derick Dillard. He has been incredibly right-winged like the Duggar family. He married Jill Duggar and fit right in with Jim Bob and his beliefs. Dillard has done mission work, and he has proven to be someone Jim Bob is proud to have in the family.

Unfortunately, that is bad for Derick because of all of the haters. Despite that, he still takes to social media to preach his beliefs and argues what the Bible says regarding his statements.

Will Derick get the boot from TLC?

There is some concern that Derick Dillard's boldness will get him kicked off “Counting On.” TLC is very specific about what they expect from the family.

When everything went down with Josh Duggar, they canceled the show. After months of outrage from viewers, the network came up with the new show, “Counting On.” Derick has caught a lot of backlash for not working while being married to Jill Duggar, and for the El Salvador donations he was taking in the name of missions.

After the comments on Twitter about Jazz Jennings, Derick Dillard was labeled a liability by many.

He has no idea what he is up against when he makes comments like he has over the last several months. Not thinking before posting on social media has caused a lot of issues for other celebrities and if he isn't careful, it could cost him his income.