"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal there is so much drama coming to Salem this fall. It all starts with Sonny and Paul's double wedding ceremony with Chad and Abigail. During the ceremony, Ben Weston will shocking interrupt the nuptials, and he'll reveal some startling news. Ben will tell Sonny and the rest of the people in the church that his husband, Will Horton, is still alive.

Sonny refuses to marry Paul

It looks like Ben really knows how to crash a party, because the news of Will possibility being alive will shock every single person in attendance at the wedding.

Sadly, this means some very tough times ahead for fan favorite couple, Sonny Kiriakis and Paul Narita. Sonny and Paul were just about to say their I do's when Ben rushed into the church and caused a scene. So, what's next for the "Days Of Our Lives" duo?

The couple put the wedding on hold

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Paul will still want to continue the wedding to Sonny. However, Sonny will have reservations about going through with the marriage after Ben's shocking bombshell about Will. It looks like Sonny will break Paul's heart and leave him at the alter before becoming spouses. However, Sonny isn't dumping Paul for good, at least not yet. He only wants to get to the bottom of Ben's claims and find out if Will is still actually alive.

If Will is dead then there should be no problem rescheduling the wedding. However, if Will is still alive there will be a whole mess of problems for the couple to deal with, and it appears that Sonny will be forced to choose between the two men he loves the most in the world.

Will's body to be exhumed?

"Days of our Lives" fans will see Sonny struggle with the possibility of Will still being alive.

Sonny will want answers as soon as possible and it seems that exhuming Will's body will be the fastest way to see if Ben is telling the truth. However, Sonny will need either Lucas or Sami to make that decision, and it seems that Lucas will not be on board with the plan to see if Will's remains are, in fact, in his casket six feet under the ground.

Sonny will be so desperate that he will considering digging up Will's body himself. However, with Alison Sweeney returning as Sami Brady in October it looks like he may not have to. Sami could sign on of exhuming Will's body, and it appears that whole situation will kick of the show's latest mystery.

Who will Sonny choose?

However, don't count Sonny and Paul out just yet. It looks like Paul will be standing by his man as they search for Will Horton will be on in the upcoming weeks. How will Sonny ever choose between Paul and Will? Tune in to "Days of our Lives" weekday afternoons on NBC to find out.