"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for the fall months are extra dramatic. It looks like the new season will usher in some very juicy new storylines, and everything kicks off with the return of Ben Weston. Ben returns to Salem to crash Chad and Abigail and Sonny and Paul's double wedding, and the result is life changing. Ben is being carted out of the church when he tells Sonny that his husband, Will Horton, is still alive!

Alison Sweeney returns on Oct. 13

This changes everything for a lot of characters. For starters, the reveal that Will could possibly still be alive will have his mother Sami Brady, played by fan favorite "Days of our Lives" actress Alison Sweeney, returning to Salem in a hurry.

Sami will come home to try and get to the bottom of her son's murder and find out if he still is alive. Once she believes that there is a chance her oldest child could still be living, she will stop at nothing to find him.

Sami is out for blood when she comes home

According to the latest "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers, Alison Sweeney will make her first appearance back on the show on Friday, October 13. Sami will return to Salem with a major chip on her shoulder and ready to get to the bottom of the Will situation. However, it won't be an easy road for Sami, who will reportedly get arrested multiple times during her homecoming. In fact, "DOOL" head writer, Ron Carlivati, reveals that fans can expect to see Sami behind bars at least three times within a two-week period of time.

She'll find herself arrested multiple times

So, why will Sami Brady be arrested when she returns to Salem? Well, there are multiple reasons. It looks like she could be locked up right off the bat for stealing the DiMera fortune the last time she was in town. As many "Days of our Lives," fans may remember, Sami was given information in a letter left to her by her late husband, EJ DiMera, about how to access the DiMera money, and she did just that.

Sami took the money and ran, but later sent it home to her sister Belle to take care of. While the situation isn't a big to-do now, she still may be arrested for the incident.

A huge catfight coming between Sami and Nicole?

Another possible reason that Sami Brady may be arrested during her time in Salem could be for fighting.

Sami has always been sassy and feisty. She's never backed down from a fight, and she has left many enemies in her wake. One of her biggest enemies has been Nicole Walker. Nicole is currently entangled in a very messy love triangle with Sami's twin brother, Eric Brady, and her step-brother, Brady Black. This means that Sami could have some very harsh words for Nicole when the two women come face to face again.

The confrontation could also lead to Sami, and possibly Nicole being arrested for their spat. Don't forget to watch Sami Brady's return and all the rest of the drama go down on "Days of our Lives" weekday afternoons on NBC.