"Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that after Ben breaks up Sonny and Paul's wedding with the news that Will Horton is still alive, there will be much chaos in Salem. First of all, it is hard to tell if Ben is telling the truth or not. He is a psychopathic murderer after all. However, Sonny will have a plan to dig up Will's body to see if he is actually in his casket, and then the mystery will really begin to unfold.

Is Will still alive?

According to the latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, Sami Brady will soon be back in action in Salem, and she along with Sonny, Will, Lucas, and some other "DOOL" characters will try to get to the bottom of Will's possibly faked death.

The Salem citizens will be on a mission to hopefully find Will alive and well somewhere, and their search will lead them to Memphis, Tennessee, where they will likely find some shocking revelations about Will, and possibly others.

Could others be discovered as well?

"Days Of Our Lives" fans have been speculating about what the characters may find while they are in Memphis, and it seems anything is possible. Some fan theories include that Stefano DiMera's former henchman, Dr. Rolf, will first be seen in Memphis and that he will possibly be able to bring the dead back to life. Could this be why and how Will Horton will be alive? If that is the case, then Stefano himself may be alive as well. Recently, "DOOL" put out a casting call for a middle-aged, Caucasian, tanned skinned man to be a hand and arm actor, and fans believe that those hands could belong to the Phoenix himself, having risen from the ashes yet again.

Sami and EJ reunion coming?

Another "Days of Our Lives" theory also claims that Sami Brady and the rest of the gang could also find EJ DiMera alive as well. Many "DOOL" fans know the circumstances surrounding EJ's death are very mysterious. Although Sami was there when EJ died, later Stefano had Kristen DiMera sneak into the morgue and inject EJ's body with a mystery substance.

Later, Stefano revealed that he had switched EJ's body with another before the cremation. This means that EJ could very well be alive and possibly in Memphis where there will be some strange things going on.

Sonny will have a big problem on his hands

"Days of Our Lives" fans will seemingly be going on a road trip with some fan favorite characters, and the search could eventually lead to Will Horton being reunited with his friends and family members, including his mother and father, and of course his husband, Sonny Kiriakis, who will have a big decision to make if Will is still alive.

Will Sonny choose to be with Paul or Will, or will he dump them both? Tune in to "DOOL" weekday afternoons on NBC to find out.