"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Sami, Marlena, John, Sonny, and Paul are about to find someone unexpected while they are in Memphis looking for clues about Sami's son, Will Horton. Sami and the gang got a lead from Hope Brady that revealed Dr. Rolf was being paid by someone who lived in Memphis. Of course, there is no stopping Sami, and she quickly took off to see what she could find out. When the group arrived in Memphis at the location they'd been given, they were surprised to see a spooky old house complete with scary music playing, but they'll also find out something surprising on their journey.

A blast from the past

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Sami, Marlena, John, Sonny, and Paul will find none other than Susan Banks in Memphis. As many "DOOL" viewers will remember, Susan, played by actress Eileen Davidson, is the mother of Sami's late husband, EJ DiMera. The gang will discover Susan living in Memphis with "Elvis," as she's always been obsessed with the king of rock and roll, and even named her son, EJ, after him. Finding out that Susan is connected to the situation with Will is surprising, but it could also lead to finding out more information about EJ DiMera as well. Is Susan keeping some big secrets from Sami and her family?

Is Will being experimented on?

It could be possible that Stefano DiMera may have confided some big secrets to Susan Banks, and that she is now carrying out one of his devilish plans. Maybe Susan knew that Stefano's scientist, Dr. Rolf, had the secret to bringing the dead back to life. After EJ's death, "Days Of Our Lives" fans saw Kristen DiMera (another character played by Eileen Davidson) inject his body with a green substance.

Later, Stefano was seen telling someone that EJ's body had been swapped for another and taken somewhere safe. Could the place be Memphis? Did Susan realize that Dr. Rolf could help her bring her son back to life, and decide to use Will Horton as a guinea pig to see if the plan would actually work before trying to resurrect EJ?

Could EJ be connected?

It seems that anything is possible on "Days of our Lives," and Sami's running in to Susan won't be a coincidence at all. Susan will be connected to Will in one way or another, and will likely be able to give the grieving mother a bit of information about her son, or possibly even her husband. Sami may have to strong arm Susan to get some info, but it seems likely she's connected to all of this in some way.