Jinger Duggar Vuolo, and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, were recently photographed sleeping on a plane on their way to visit Jinger's in-laws on the East Coast. The pair, who live away from the Duggar Family's Arkansas home in Laredo, Texas, were spotted flying first class on the plane, which had many fans up in arms. This is partially because Jinger's father, Jim Bob, has been very strict about living a thrifty lifestyle. His mantra, "Buy used and save the difference," clearly isn't something Jinger is incredibly interested in.

Because of her dad's thriftiness, several fans took the opportunity to slam her and Jeremy, saying they were spending money unnecessarily.

However, that's not the only thing fans noticed about the photo.

Does Jinger have bruises on her face?

Concerned fans noted that Jinger Duggar looked as though she was sporting a black eye and a fat lip in the photo posted to Instagram. Her husband said she looked "like an angel" in the photo, comparing his own sleeping face to that of an animal. Yet, some fans were concerned that she might be being physically abused at the hands of Jeremy.

While Jinger seems incredibly happy and relaxed in her marriage to Jeremy on the family's show, "Counting On," many worry that Jinger would allow abuse from her husband because she has been taught to defer to him at all times. The Duggar household is incredibly patriarchal, with the father of the family controlling the affairs of the wife and his children.

Is it actually just make-up?

While some fans were convinced Jinger had some serious bruises on her face, others were not quite so convinced that this was the case. Jinger and her sisters do not shy away from make-up, despite their strict religious beliefs, and it is thought that perhaps she was simply wearing make-up and it smeared underneath her eyes and on her lip.

As a result, it looks like she might have a black eye and a fat or busted lip, but she really just has make-up that's coming off. Some fans also noted that it wouldn't be likely that Jeremy would post such a photo if there really was a serious situation. Jinger also looked fresh in photos she posted a day or two later of the couple with Jeremy's parents on a visit together, and if she had really sustained facial injuries that had left marks, they wouldn't have gone away or be hidden quite so easily.

Jinger and Jeremy are enjoying their first year of marriage and are the first Duggar couple to not announce a pregnancy three months after tying the knot.