"Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that this week in Salem will start off with a bang. There will be so much drama unfolding on "DOOL" that fans will have a hard time keeping up with it all, and on Monday it looks like it all begins with the return of Sami Brady, a heated disagreement between newly appointed police commissioner Hope, and her fiance Rafe, as well as Brady and Nicole having it out once and for all.

Sami comes home to find a shocking scene

According to the latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, Sami Brady is finally back in action this week.

As many fans will remember, Sami makes a quick appearance in Friday's episode as she returned to Salem just in time to find her step-father John Black and his son, Paul Narita, about to dig up the grave of her son, Will Horton. Sami did not look happy about John and Paul's plan to illegally exhume her son's remains, but will she feel differently once she hears their side of the story?

Sami and Lucas have an emotional reunion

Sami's return will bring about some emotional reunions with many Salem citizens. However it will be her reunions with her mother, Marlena Evans, twin brother, Eric Brady, and her ex-husband, Lucas Horton, that will have fans on the edge of their seats. "Days Of Our Lives" viewers will watch as Sami and Lucas reunite, and Sami will not keep quiet about Lucas' drinking.

The two will bond together over their shared grief for the loss of their son, and talk about all of the latest rumblings about Will. Eventually, the two will decide that they need to follow through on the leads and try to find out of Will is actually still alive.

Hope and Rafe struggle

Meanwhile, Hope and Rafe have been put in an awkward position.

Hope was named the new police commissioner over Rafe, and that means that she is now his boss. This also means that Rafe is without a partner on the force, and it looks like he'll need to hire a new body, which could be Eli. Hope will likely want to hire Eli as well, and it will cause some tension between the couple, who will seemingly have a hard time separating their personal life from their careers.

It could be a rocky road ahead for the fan favorite "Days of our Lives" couple.

Nicole begs Brady to let her go

As Hope and Rafe work to keep their relationship afloat, Brady and Nicole will say goodbye to their romance. Nicole has finally told Brady that she is in love with his step-brother, Eric and that she wants to leave the Kiriakis mansion with her daughter Holly and go live with Eric at the farm. Brady is understandably furious over Nicole and Eric's betrayal, but he won't let her go without a fight. Brady has evidence that Nicole is the one who killed Deimos Kiriakis, and he will use that evidence to blackmail Nicole to leave town and stay away from Eric for good. Nicole will beg Brady to let her go without a fight, but Brady has gone off the deep end, and he's tired of being pushed around by the women in his life. "Days of our Lives" viewers will see this scene play out over the course of the next few weeks, which ultimately will lead to actress Arianne Zucker's departure from "DOOL."