Woody Allen released a statement over the weekend regarding his longtime friend Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual abuse. Weinstein was exposed by The New York Times for a history of sexual harassment history spanning at least three decades. While victims continue to tell their stories, few people have stuck by Weinstein's side. Fashion designer Donna Karan was one of those people, taking his side when she was first interviewed about the matter. However, after receiving backlash, she apologized in a statement that said her original comments did not represent her feelings.

Trying to be a friend

Woody Allen appeared to be one of the others who took Weinstein's side when he released his statement on Sunday. In his statement, he said that the situation was sad for everyone involved. While expressing his sympathy for victims, he seemed more concerned for Weinstein who he felt "very sad" for.

Allen said the producer's life was "messed up," which was not well received by the public. He also went on to claim that the situation could lead to a witch hunt of predators, fearing for the men of Hollywood. The filmmaker stated that he does not want "every guy in an office who winks at a woman is suddenly having to call a lawyer to defend himself.”

Many Twitter users were quick to relate what seemed like defense for Weinstein to Allen's own past of abuse.

Though investigations were closed with Allen being determined innocent, he allegedly abused both of his adopted children. His daughter, Dylan Farrow, even wrote a New York Times piece about it. Allen to this day still denies the claims.


Due to the backlash he received, the filmmaker was forced to release a second statement addressing exactly what he meant.

"When I said I felt sad for Harvey Weinstein I thought it was clear the meaning was because he is a sad, sick man," he said to Variety.

Allen went on to exclaim how surprised he was that the statement was interpreted any differently. He says that this second statement should leave things perfectly clear, though he failed to address the "witch hunt" he spoke of, which sparked most of the controversy.

Harvey Weinstein has been quiet since his last appearance outside of his daughter's home. He is reportedly in Arizona being treated at the same facility Tiger Woods attended for sex addiction. He was kicked out of the Oscar academy over the weekend but seemed to decide against issuing a statement.