"Days of our Lives" has been running on NBC for over 50 years, and it that time a lot of fans have come and gone. While there are still some die-hard fans who have been watching since the beginning, or since they were very young, others have picked up watching the show a long way. This means that there are many great storylines that not all "DOOL" fans know about, and that's a shame because the soap has delivered some classic and crazy plot twists in the past.

John and Marlena name their daughter after his late wife

One of the old storylines that many new "Days Of Our Lives" viewers may not know is that John Black wasn't always married to Dr.

Marlena Evans. In fact, the two both have epic love stories in their past. After coming to Salem, John met Victor Kiriakis' daughter, Isabella, and the two fell madly in love and had a child together, John's son, Brady Black. Isabella tragically died from cancer in one of the saddest "DOOL" scenes of all time and left her new son without a mother. Brady struggled with not having his biological mother in his life for a long time, and later when john and marlena got together they decided to name their daughter, Belle, after John's former wife.

Bo's real father is revealed

Another classic storyline is a paternity scandal decades in the making. "Days of our Lives" fans were shocked to learn that the Brady family matriarch, Caroline, had not only cheated on her beloved husband, Shawn, with Victor Kiriakis but that the two had actually conceived a child together.

Carolina shockingly told Bo that Victor was his father during a wild argument between the two men, and they struggled to find a father/son bond in the years that followed. Mostly because Bo was so close with the man who raised him.

John takes over Roman's life

Another crazy "Days of our Lives" storyline from the past had fans talking for years.

Roman Brady was presumed dead and when he returned to Salem he looked much different. Roman returned home with an excuse for his new look and resumed his life with wife Marlena, his children, family members, and with his job at the Salem police. However, it was later revealed that Roman wasn't Roman at all. In fact, it was actually John Black who had been brainwashed to believe he was Roman Brady.

Upon the real Roman's return, John stepped back and took on the moniker of John Black. However, it was too late. He and Marlena were already in love and it led to the pair having a torrid affair, which Marlena's daughter, Sami Brady, walked in on. The event scarred Sami for life and eventually caused a huge rift in her relationship with her mother.

Marlena is possessed

However, Marlena soon had other, much bigger, problems to worry about. Many longtime "Days of our Lives" fans will remember when the good doctor began to act very much unlike herself and it was eventually revealed that she was possessed. Marlena went full on "Exorcist" by levitating off of her bed, talking in an unfamiliar voice, and much more.

The supernatural storyline may have been a little far-fetched, but it had fans tuning in for more each day.

Carly is buried alive by Vivian

That's not the only shocking storyline from "Days of our Lives" past. Bo's former wife, Carly Manning, made a dangerous enemy in Vivian Alamain and it led to a heart-pounding plot line. Vivian was so desperate to torture and get rid of Carly that she decided to fake her death and bury her alive. Vivian's plan was truly sinister as she gave Carly a two-way radio and just enough water to survive for a few days as she tortured her. The shocking conclusion came when Bo Brady finally realized what was happening and rushed to save his then-wife just in the nick of time.

Carly and Bo later split and in recent years it was revealed that Carly and Daniel Jonas had a child together, Melanie.

Sami is sentenced to the death penalty

It wouldn't be a "Days of our Lives" memory fest without talking about one of Salem's worst and most beloved characters, Sami Brady. Sami has done a ton of crazy things in Salem such has switching paternity results, covering up crimes, stealing millions of dollars, and masquerading as a man. However, one of Sami's most dramatic storylines is when Kate Roberts and Lucas Horton set her up for the murder of her former fiance, Franco. Sami was charged with the murder and sentenced to the death penalty. Things looked very bleak for the "DOOL" character as a needle was placed in her arm and the deadly cocktail began to run through her veins.

However, her baby daddy, Lucas, rushed in at the last minute to reveal the truth about Franco's death and save Sami's life.

Bo and Hope's son is killed

Regarded as one of the most heartbreaking storylines to ever air on "Days of our Lives," some fans will remember the moment when Bo And Hope's world was changed forever. Bo's then-teenage daughter, Chelsea, whom he fathered with ex-wife Billie Reed, was driving along a dark road on New Year's Eve when she hit something on the side of the road. It was later revealed that it was her very own half-brother, Zack, who had wandered out into the street after dark. Chelsea did not stop the car and didn't realize what she had done until news of Zack's death was given.

Later, she, Billie, and Bo covered up the accident and hid the news from Hope. When Hope found out, it changed her marriage with Bo and sent Chelsea into a downward spiral.

So many 'DOOL' memories

While there are too many crazy "Days of our Lives" moments to list, it seems that new fans will never truly know that most dramatic plots that led all of the "DOOL" characters to where they are today. What was your favorite storyline from the soap?