"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Clyde Weston will soon be seen again. "DOOL" viewers will see actor James Read back in the role of Clyde in the very near future, and his reappearance will give fans some very shocking answers about really happened the day that Will Horton was supposedly killed.

Ben and Clyde return to drop a major bombshell on Salem

"Days of our Lives" fans will soon see Clyde's son, Ben Weston, back in Salem as he interrupts Abigail and Chad and Sonny and Paul's big double wedding. While everyone, especially Abigail will be shocked to see Ben enter the church during the nuptials, Ben's wedding crash won't be the most surprising thing.

According to reports and spoilers, Ben will tell Sonny and everyone else in attendance at the wedding that Will Horton is still very much alive.

It appears that "Days of our Lives" viewers will see that Ben and Clyde's homecoming will go hand in hand. The father and son have obviously been keeping some very big secrets from Salem residents, and the circumstances surrounding Will's death is one of them. "DOOL" fans are itching at the chance to find out what the Weston family could be hiding, and if it will lead to more shocking reveals in the future. As many watchers of the NBC soap opera know, Clyde Weston is also responsible for the death of EJ DiMera. If he had something to do with Will's fake murder, perhaps he also has something to do with a possible EJ return.

Sami is on her way back to search for Will

Alison Sweeney will be reprising her role as Sami Brady in October and fans will see the actress go through all the emotions as she finds out that her oldest son, Will, is actually alive. Sami and other members of Will's family will go on a manhunt for their beloved family member, and "Days Of Our Lives" fans can't wait to see what they find along they way.

Where has Will been, why was his death faked, and what will happen between he, Sonny, and Paul once he returns home alive and well to Salem?

So much drama coming to 'DOOL'

It looks like "Days of our Lives" fans will have a lot of drama to watch unfold this fall in Salem, and they couldn't be more excited about the possibilities of where these storylines will go.

There are sure to be some twists and turns along they way, especially in November for sweeps. Could it be that Will Horton isn't the only one coming back to life? Only time will tell. Be sure to tune in weekday afternoons to NBC to find out how it all goes down.