Courtney Love has been dealing with a difficult situation lately as a media source has managed to obtain the photographs of her deceased husband's suicide. Courtney Love was the wife of musician Kurt Cobain, whose death has become a staple of celebrity news. Love has been filing for the photographs to be returned to the family without making their way to the media.

The family have approached the courts

According to International Business Times, Courtney Love is trying to prevent the photographs of Kurt Cobain's suicide from being released to the media.

The Cobain family have approached the courts and claimed that if the photos are released it would be a huge offense to the family. The widow has claimed that the photos would cause some major issues for her children and she does not want to put them through that.

In a report by Jezebel, a conspiracy theorist started a theory that Kurt Cobain did not actually kill himself. This is the cause of considerable harm for the family, as they have had to deal with Kurt Cobain's suicide in one way or another since it happened. It appears that the theorist Richard Lee has gained a strong following and the public are now curious to see the nature of the suicide photographs.

In a report by International Business Times, it has been confirmed that Courtney Love has handed over a document to the courts.

The contents of the document have been released online and state that while there is no evidence that the photographs would cause harm to any specific individuals, they would draw attention to the fact that Courtney Love and her family have not had the chance to grieve in peace.

Lee working to get the photos released

According to Blast, Richard Lee has been trying to get the photographs of Kurt Cobain's suicide released for years.

He is certain that there is more to Kurt Cobain's death than suicide. He tried to sue the Seattle police department when they refused to release the photos to the public. However, the case was dismissed and Lee was not successful in his attempts.

In a report by Jezebel, Frances Bean opened up about the situation. She stated that she does not want to see the photographs of her father released online.

She claimed that she has been dealing with her father's suicide for many years and that it is a very difficult issue to deal with.

Frances Bean revealed that she is scared to have to relive her father's suicide again. She claimed that Richard Lee should be thinking about the consequences of releasing the photos and how it would affect her family. However, it appears that Richard Lee is determined to get the answers that he is seeking.

Courtney Love stated that she is continuing to fight to keep the photographs out of the media.