Harvey Weinstein has been facing a slew of allegations surrounding his sexual misconduct. It has recently become known that the influential director and producer used his power to abuse women. Weinstein's Driver has come forward with further claims against his old employer. The details are shocking and he has been chastised for not coming forward sooner.

The driver has revealed all

According to the Sun, Harvey Weinstein's former driver revealed details of how Weinstein would prey on women. Mickael Chemloul has revealed that Weinstein would often pick up women and drive them back to his hotels.

The driver claimed that Weinstein regularly picked up women during TV and Film Festivals and that this is where he would prey on women.

Chemloul also revealed that when some European escorts failed to show up, Harvey Weinstein turned aggressive. He claimed that Weinstein physically assaulted him and that this kind of behavior was not unusual. He claimed that Weinstein was a terrible person to work for and that he is glad he is no longer under his employment.

In a report by the Herald, Cheloul stated that Weinstein was addicted to sex and that his behavior surrounding women was very concerning. He claimed that he was known as a pig in France because of his behavior there. He stated that everyone at Cannes film Festival knew what to expect from Harvey and that his sexual escapades were not a secret.

Weinstein cheated on his wife

In reports by the Herald, Mickael Chemloul revealed that not only was he a witness to some of Harvey's sexual abuse, but that he is also witnessed Harvey's infidelity. Cheloul claims that Harvey would often have him drive around to pick up women when Harvey's wife was also staying at the same hotel.

He recalled one conversation he had with Harvey about this as he was driving to collect a woman. The driver mentioned that Harvey's wife was at the hotel and claimed that Weinstein instantly became very aggressive. He started to curse and shout at his driver to hurry up and repeatedly told him to shut up.

In a report by the Sun, Mickael often saw the abuse that different women suffered at the hands of Weinstein.

He recalled several times when women would plea with Harvey and tell him to stop hurting them. The public has criticized Cheloul for his inaction during these incidents. He has not commented on the backlash. Not all the reports have been of a negative nature, as some have praised him for coming forward.