Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth were rumored to have a shotgun wedding because the couple moved their wedding day several months earlier than what was originally set. Initially, the two were set to walk down the aisle in October. However, due to some circumstances that the family did not explain it was moved in May. After just a few months, the pair announced that they are already expecting, which intensifies the rumors that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s daughter was already pregnant on her big day. Did Joy-Anna and Austin really have a shotgun wedding?

Duggar’s TLC show reveals significant detail about Joy-Anna and Austin

Just recently, Joy-Anna and Austin’s big day was aired on TLC’S “Counting On” special. The Duggar fans were overjoyed to witness the couple’s wedding on the small screen. However, the special episode revealed something that hinted that the lovers moved their wedding date in haste.

Joy-Anna’s wedding had an autumn theme which was inappropriate for her spring wedding in May. This was visible in the colors of the flowers in the venue which featured orange and white and wheat. The theme is an indication that her wedding was supposed to happen in fall, Radar Online reported. Since it was pushed five months earlier, there could be a big reason behind it, which intensified the shotgun wedding rumors.

There are speculations that it was moved earlier because Jinger Dugar's sister was already pregnant. Last month, Joy-Anna shared a glimpse of her baby bump. Dr. Sean Henry reacted to her photo and said that the reality star looked like she was already 24-26 weeks pregnant. If the doctor is right, that means that she's already six months along, but she and Austin are just married for three months.

Premarital sex is a big deal for the Duggar Family. In fact, during courting, Jim Bob and Michelle only limit their children to side hugs and their physical contact is timed. Also, when the couple is out, their siblings should join as a chaperone. Also, they have to reserve their first kiss on their wedding day. They did this to keep their kids from temptation.

However, after the wedding, Joy-Anna and Austin confessed that they violated some of the Duggar’s courting rules.

Joy-Anna and Austin violated another tradition on their wedding day

The Duggar family is very traditional. Normally, the bride and the groom will only get to meet for the first time in their wedding dress at the altar but the couple broke this practice. In the “Counting Onspecial, Joy-Anna can’t wait to meet her groom. In one scene, Austin was alone in the church and was staring at the altar. Then, his bride showed up and asked him if he could turn around to see her.

Austin asked if it was fine to look at her, she gave an affirmative response. So, he turned around and gave his soon-to-be-wife a compliment saying that she was "beautiful" while adding that she "smells so good." It seemed that the two couldn’t wait to get the wedding done as they count for the hours that they will officially be Mr. and Mrs. Forsyth.

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