Jill Duggar and derick dillard, along with their two-year-old son Israel, are back from their missionary work in Central America. There had been concerns over their safety after their friend was murdered. However, rumors are that they returned to the United States to attend the wedding of Jill Duggar's sister Joy-Anna to Austin Forsyth.

Jill's family back safe and sound

Last week, the Dillard family wrote on their blog about a friend in El Salvador who was found dead down by the river. The news shocked fans who became concerned over the family's safety.

Over the weekend, Jill Duggar confirmed via Instagram that their whole family has returned to the United States, safe and sound. Jill posted on Instagram a photo of herself and Derick, saying how good it is to be back home. They were on their way to their church, while their son Israel, was with his grandmother Michelle Duggar.

Joy-Anna marries Austin

There are speculations about the real reason that Jill has returned to the States, includes the fact that they wanted to be home in time for Joy-Anna's wedding. News spread that the two have tied the knot already, although the registry said their wedding will take place in October. A Facebook post said it had been confirmed that Joy and Austin got hitched on Saturday, May 20.

The Duggar Family, meanwhile, remains silent on their social media sites. Perhaps not to spoil the event for the next season of "Counting On" airing this upcoming June.

Jill and Derick's return fueled the rumor about the nuptials. Other signs that make fans believe it happened are Joy and Austin already had their bachelor and bachelorette party this month, which would be too early if they plan to wed on Oct.


Going back to Jill Dillard, the family did say back in February that they plan to return to the US in time to prepare for the delivery of her second baby boy in July. Last week, they also wrote on their blog that their two-year long missionary work in Central America was coming to a close and they will only be there for a short time longer.

With that, they also made it in time to join the production of "Counting On" Season 3, which is said to be scheduled for a June 12 premiere. The "19 Kids and Counting" spin-off series is expected to pick up where Season 2 left off, which is after Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo's wedding. The couple has been enjoying married life in Texas, and everyone is waiting for their baby announcement.