Kevin Hart is facing a lawsuit from a fan who attended his comedy show back in 2015. Jay Collins claimed that he was mistreated by Hart's personal security team for no viable reason and claims that he was assaulted and that he was also verbally abused. The incident took place in the V.I.P section after the show and fans are wondering if there is any stake to Collin's claims.

The victim was attending a show

According to the Daily Mail, the victim in question was at one of comedian Kevin Hart's shows when the incident occurred. The victim who has been identified as Jay Collins has stated that he was attending a show in Philadelphia back in 2015 when the incident occurred.

Collins stated that he was unfairly set upon by the security team of Kevin Hart and was abused and beaten by them. He has claimed that he was approached by aggressive security guards and was detained by the stadium security for no viable reason. Collins states that he was then handed over to Hart's personal security team.

In a report by the Christian Post, Collins stated that Hart's personal security team threatened to tase him and pressed the throngs of the taser into his face and neck. He was then thrown roughly to the ground when he was then allegedly punched in the rib cage and called him a series of foul names.

According to the Daily Mail, there has been no confirmation as to why the security team was required in the V.I.P area and they have not stated on their reasoning for direct targeting Jay Collins.

Collins is now taking legal action

According to the Christian Post, Jay Collins feels that he was mistreated by the security if Kevin Hart and was both threatened and beaten for no viable reason. He has filed a lawsuit against Kevin Hart himself and is asking for a total amount of $50,000 for the assault that took place back in 2015.

The lawsuit is directed towards the comedian as Collins feels that Hart should take responsibility for the kind of people that he has hired. However, one has to wonder if there are legitimate reasons as to why Collins was set upon and is now trying to make a quick buck out of the incident.

While Kevin Hart has been surrounded by a number of controversies in his time as a celebrity it remains unclear as to whether or not the claims made by Jay Collins are valid.

The case will likely be investigated in the courts unless Kevin Hart agrees to a pay out to settle the lawsuit.

As of yet, there has been no commented from Kevin Hart about the lawsuit and fans are eagerly awaiting the comedian's reply.