The new season of Riverdale just made its debut on The CW and despite the grim situation, things are getting rowdy with all that has been happening with the gang recently. The creators of the show promised that the second season was going to be something different and they definitely gave fans a number of surprises.

Series creator Robert Aguirre-Sacasa promised that the new installment would be darker and scarier. The season opener showed steamy scenes between Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge, but that wasn’t exactly what caught the fans’ attention.

Someone’s back

Before things got serious between the gang and their parents, “Riverdale” Season 1 first tackled the typical teenage drama. Betty Cooper was trying to get over her unrequited feelings for Archie, Veronica was trying to conquer a new high school, and Archie used to sleep with his music teacher Ms. Geraldine Grundy.

The show introduced a younger and too friendly Ms. Grundy who preyed on young high school boys to satiate her lust. When her fling with Archie was brought out in the open, she was forced to leave Riverdale.

Ms. Grundy’s last scene in the first season hinted that fans haven’t seen the last of her. The first episode of “Riverdale” Season 2 revealed that she moved to Glendale, but hasn’t quite changed her taste in men.

Before the pilot episode ended, Ms. Grundy was shown teaching a young boy how to play the piano and kisses him when it was time for him to go home.

However, that was definitely the last of Ms. Grundy because another frightening character has returned in the new season. The robber that shot Fred Andrews in Pops Chock’lit Shoppe has returned.

This time he’s after Ms. Grundy.

The mysterious robber has turned into a mysterious killer after strangling Ms. Grundy to death. It seems like Jughead and Archie’s hunches are right to be on guard because whatever happened in Pop’s shop was definitely not a simple robbery.

Is Archie Andrews in trouble?

Given how the season premiere of “Riverdale” Season 2 panned out, one would wonder if Archie is actually the real target of the masked perpetrator.

The recent incidents had something in common and it was the red-haired teenager.

Fred is Archie’s father. Archie used to sleep with Ms. Grundy and these two are the recent victims. This mysterious killer is probably out to hurt Archie in several ways, but it’s still too soon if this masked man is really after Archie or that he’s actually behind a bigger plot.