"Chicago Fire" fans are at the edge of their seats. They're constantly looking out for any clues over who will die or survive the season 5 finale. The Season 6 premiere is still more than two months away, but there are a few clues coming out now and then. The latest is the title for the premiere, and it was shared by Yuri Sardarov, who plays Otis on the show. This is an official title, but the theories surrounding it really are just theories.

Caution: there are spoilers in this post from the season 5 finale. If you haven't caught up yet, you may want to avoid reading--although it's unlikely that you haven't already heard about how the season ended.

Who will die in 'Chicago Fire' season 6?

The biggest questions fans have right now about the new season of "Fire" surround the characters that could die or survive. There are three main potential characters likely to die, and it certainly seems like there will be at least one casualty based on the title of the episode.

Sardarov shared the front page of the premiere script, which shows the title "It Wasn't Enough." This would suggest that Severide and others attempt to save the three trapped in the building, but it is too late. It could also hint that Herrmann's attempts at resuscitating Mouch after his heart attack just aren't enough. Out of the three characters in danger, it certainly seems likely that Mouch will be the one to die.

Has any cast member confirmed they're leaving?

Unlike many other shows, none of the "Chicago Fire" cast have confirmed that they are leaving the show. This makes it hard for fans, as they can't prepare for one of their favorite characters to leave. Mouch, Herrmann, and Casey have all been there from the very beginning. Other shows have at least given fans a heads up that one of their favorites are leaving; at least most of the time.

"Once Upon a Time" confirmed the departure of seven cast members before the season 6 finale, while Nina Dobrev previously announced that she was leaving "The Vampire Diaries" before her character was written out. Fans usually get extremely angry if one of their favorites leaves unexpectedly, such as Derek Shepherd's departure in "Grey's Anatomy."

For now, fans will just have to wait.

There are no confirmations or denials about the exit of certain "Fire" cast members. Any of the three could die and it could even be all three! The title of the premiere certainly makes it look like there will be at least one casualty when "Chicago Fire" season 6 premieres on September 28.