"Riverdale" is a popular Netflix series, which was initially released in 2016. The series soon gained a major fan base and a second season was quickly commissioned for the show. "Riverdale" season two is returning to screens soon and actor Camila Mendes has opened up about the challenges Veronica Lodge is set to face.

Mendes talks about her character

According to Teen Vogue, actor Camila Mendes has opened up about how her role has changed from season one of the show. "Riverdale" is expecting some major changes when it returns for its second seasons and one of these changes will be with the character of Veronica Lodge.

Veronica arrived in season one as the new girl but has now settled into the mysterious town of "Riverdale."

Mendes stated that Veronica is going to be more grown up this season as compared to some of the childish stunts she pulled in the last season of the show. This has to do with the return of Veronica's father, Hiram Lodge, from jail. Veronica and her father have a complicated relationship and this is going to be explored in more detail in the second season of "Riverdale."

In a report by Just Jared, Mendes has revealed that Veronica will be a bit darker this season as she deals with her family issues. Veronica's parents will be trying to protect their daughter from the criminal world they have landed themselves into, however, Veronica wants to prove to them that she has what it takes to be just like them.

Veronica will have to step up

According to Camila Mendes, Veronica will have to help Archie face the consequences of the season one finale. Veronica and Archie had a tumultuous relationship before finally getting together in the show. Now with Archie dealing with the trauma of watching his father get shot, Veronica has to take on a much more serious role in their relationship.

In a report by Teen Vogue, Mendes confirmed that this transition would be difficult for Veronica. She has had bad relationships in the past and this will affect her relationship with Archie. However, Veronica tries to be the best girlfriend to Archie that she can and this means making the transition from a fling to a much more serious relationship.

As always, there is bound to be trouble in "Riverdale" as Veronica Lodge's ex is to make an appearance. Veronica told the gang in season one that she had never been in a relationship and this is sure to stir up some drama.

"Riverdale" returns next week on October 11. Fans are looking forward to the series return and as desperate to find out what happened to Fred Andrews.