Cole Sprouse is an extremely talented artist. He has returned to his acting profession after a brief break and has taken up an avid interest in photography. The actor shows a real talent for the craft, and has admitted that he is trying to launch a professional Career. Cole was recently invited to shoot Sam Smith for L'Uomo Magazine and jumped at the opportunity.

Smith does not look like himself

According to MTV, the recent photoshoot for L'Uomo Magazine by photographer Cole Sprouse shows singer Sam Smith in a brand new light. The upcoming photographer captured the singer from several different angles.

Sprouse managed to capture images of Sam Smith, which differ from any photographs of the singer previously published.

Cole stated that he loves photography and that he is really into fashion and framing. He has started building up his career and has photographed fellow celebrity, Kendall Jenner. Sprouse's Instagram is full of photo shoots and it is clear to see why he was chosen for the L'Uomo shoot.

According to Women's Magazine, fans were shocked when they saw the images of Sam Smith appear online. The singer has clearly lost weight but this is not the only aspect, which is different about Smith. He appears particularly rugged and dramatic in the photographs. Fans have praised Sprouse for his photography skills and have shared the image across the internet.

Sprouse building career on the side

According to Women's Magazine, Cole Sprouse is building up his photography skills in the spare time he has when he is not acting. The actor recently returned to the acting world after taking a break to attend college. He has joined the cast of the hit TV series "Riverdale" and stars as the character Jughead Jones.

Sprouse admits to grabbing his fellow cast mates whenever possible and taking photos of them in wide open landscapes. He had taken several photographs of fellow actress Lili Reinhart and has even pulled K.J. Apa into the shoots. Sprouse explained that this is something he has a huge passion for and he realizes the hard work he must undertake to make this a serious profession.

According to MTV, Cole Sprouse's brother noticed his brother's recent photographs of Sam Smith online. Dylan Sprouse took the time to compliment his brother on his work. The brothers have always been supportive of one another and fans were glad to see that Dylan supports Cole's photography career.

Cole Sprouse has promised more photographs in the future and hopes that one day he will be a professional photographer.