Camila Cabello has been taking the world by storm as a recent Solo Artist. Cabello found herself in the Top 20 music artists of 2015 and her career has been rising ever since. The singer sat down for an interview with the Rolling Stone and compared the creation of the album as a solo artist to her days in a girl group.

The singer talks about her new album

According to the Rolling Stone, former "Fifth Harmony" member, Camila Cabello has opened up about being a solo artist. The singer talked candidly about creating her album and her recent success.

Cabello compared creating her album to creating a work of art. She claimed that it was like chipping a statue out of marble and eventually ending up with the end product.

The singer has included moments of her life in her songs and admitted that she has been working towards this solo album for a long time. Her song titled "I'll Never Be The Same" was inspired by a relationship that Cabello was involved in several years ago. The singer is not shy about sharing her personal life with fans through her music.

In a report by Hollywood Life, Cabello stated that her album took a long time to create but that it is incredibly worth it. The star claimed that the process was one of trial and error and trying to find the right songs to match the tone of the album.

Cabello revealed that some of her favorite songs ended up being cut completely from the album but that was a decision she had to make as an artist.

Cabello wanted to write her own songs

According to Hollywood Life, Camila Cabello always wanted to write her own songs even back in the days when she was part of "Fifth Harmony." The singer has expressed that she hated singing songs written by other people.

She stated that the songs on the "Fifth Harmony" albums were good and strongly written but that she wanted to be involved in the creative process.

In a report by the Rolling Stone, Camila stated that she wanted to be part of the creative process in writing the songs she was going to sing. The singer felt that she had a better connection and understanding with her songs if she was the one who actually wrote them.

Cabello has revealed the title of her album to "Havana" and said that there are strong Latin cultural references throughout the album. The singer shared that the album feels more like a reflection of herself, both as an artist and as a person.

Camila Cabello is extremely excited to share her new album with her fans and is looking forward to learning from the process. The singer is determined to make the most of her career and is taking all the steps necessary to make this happen.