Kylie Jenner's pregnancy has been at the center of the media for the past week. Fans were shocked to hear that the 20-year-old celebrity model is pregnant with Travis Scott's child. The couple only started dating this year in 2017, and it appears that Kylie fell pregnant early in their relationship. Her older sister Kendall has finally shared her views on her sister's pregnancy.

The news came as a major shock

According to Hollywood Life, the news that Kylie Jenner was pregnant came as a huge surprise for her older sister, Kendall. A source has claimed that Kendall was stunned when she heard the news about Kylie's pregnancy.

Kendall has always known that Kylie wanted to be a young mother but she did not expect her younger sister to get pregnant so soon.

Kendall Jenner is reportedly extremely shocked that Kylie is pregnant with her current boyfriend's child. Kylie and Travis Scott have only been dating for five months, which means that Kylie would have fallen pregnant just weeks after the couple first got together.

In a report by Hollywood Life, Kendall is also extremely worried that her sister is not prepared to be a mother. A source has revealed that Kendall still considers Kylie to be a kid as she is only 20-years-old. While Kylie certainly has the money to support herself and her child, Kendall is concerned that her sister has not fully grasped what it means to be a mother.

Kendall was not the only family member shocked

According to Hollywood Life, Kendall Jenner was not the only member of the Kardashian to be taken by surprise by Kylie's pregnancy announcement. Jenner's mother Kris was also taken aback when her youngest daughter told her that she was pregnant by Travis Scott. Kris wants the best for her children and was initially unsure if Kylie was ready to be a mother.

However, Kris has warmed up to the idea and has stated that she is prepared to give Kylie her love and support in all of her decisions. The other members of the Kardashian have also given statements of their support to their youngest sister as she prepares to be a mother.

Kendall, however, is still on the fence about her sister's decision, as she strongly believes that Kylie has not thought through her decision.

Kendall is extremely concerned about how a baby is going to change her sister's life, especially as Kylie works as a celebrity model.

Kylie Jenner has since announced that she is going to have a baby girl and is currently thinking of baby names. Kylie and Travis Scott are extremely excited to be parents and have started sharing the news with their close family and friends.