Kylie Jenner's ex has been stirring some trouble for the pregnant celebrity model. The news of Jenner's pregnancy broke recently and Tyga immediately let his thoughts on the matter be known. Not only did he show the world he was aware of his ex's pregnancy - he also claimed that the baby belonged to him.

He previously claimed the baby was his

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner's former boyfriend Tyga claimed that Kylie's baby is his. The couple dated for two years before splitting earlier this year. When the news about Jenner's pregnancy broke Tyga sent out a snapchat claiming that the baby belongs to him and not Kylie's current boyfriend Travis Scott.

The snapchat was filled with purple devil emojis and fans were unsure if Tyga was making a joke or if he were taking a stab at Kylie Jenner's new boyfriend. The snapchat post was not up for long, however, as he removed it from his story. This certainly makes it seem that Tyga was jealous when he found out about the pregnancy, especially as he and Kylie were planning to have a child together.

According to Metro, Tyga already has one son with former stripper Blac Chyna. The couple co-parent their son and Kylie Jenner claimed in the past that Tyga is extremely good with his child. The news of Kylie's pregnancy only broke last week and the rapper has already made two claims about his ex-girlfriend's baby.

The rapper has taken back his comment

According to The Sun, Tyga recently took back his comment about being the father of the baby. The rapper was doing some preparation for his role in Keke Palmer's new track "For the D," and announced the news online. Palmer released a video in which she prompts Tyga to do an impromptu rap.

Tyga stated that the baby is not his, leaving fans incredibly confused. However, some fans find it hilarious that Tyga is going back and forth, about whether or not the baby is his. They have taken to social media to express their amusement at the rapper's comments. Several fans have been calling him out and tweeting at him.

One fan, in particular, asked Tyga what he meant by his conflicting statements and included laughing emojis in their tweet.

Neither Kylie Jenner nor Travis Scott has replied to Tyga's claims about their Unborn Child. It has been confirmed that Jenner and Scott have started to tell close family and friends about their baby and it appears that Tyga was not on that list.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the truth to come out and are wondering what will happen to Kylie and Travis if the baby does turn out to be Tyga's.