"Teen Mom 2" stars Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus have been getting pretty cozy over the last couple of months. The pair visited Disney World together with their respective children, and the kids came over to Briana's house for a playdate. In the past, Javi has admitted that he finds Briana very attractive and that the pair is taking their relationship slowly. He recently told a media outlet that he feels no need to rush into a relationship with the newest cast member, but that they are heading in that direction. Now, however, it seems the pair have a discrepancy over whether or not they are official.

Javi announces their relationship

Javi Marroquin has always had trouble taking things slowly, which is partly why his relationship with ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry, came to an end. The Reality TV star has dated several women since his divorce, announcing it to the media each time they do. Each relationship has been incredibly short-lived, lasting just a couple of months even after he insisted that this one "was different." However, he recently went to the media to announce that his relationship with Briana DeJesus was absolutely real and official after the taping of the "Teen Mom 2" reunion in Los Angeles. The pair hung out together for most of their time in the City of Angels, as evidenced by their social media.

As such, it wasn't such a shock for fans to hear that they had decided to make things official. But it looks like the pair didn't consult each other before announcing their big news.

Briana says, "I am not dating Javi!"

According to Briana, the pair are not together, and she would like Javi to simply slow down. Although Javi confirmed that the pair were together via People Magazine, Briana took to E!

News to reveal that "nothing is going on" between the pair. She even threatened to "ghost" and change her number via Instagram, leading many to believe that Javi had been smothering her since their time together in Los Angeles.

Briana has also deleted all of the content on her social media accounts except Twitter and has claimed that she has been locked out of all of them but doesn't know why.

Fans are incredibly confused by her recent admission that she and Javi are not seeing one another, especially since the pair acted like a couple in their most recent photos from the Los Angeles reunion. Briana DeJesus is also feuding with several of her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars, calling them out for their behavior via Twitter.