The third season of "Blindspot" is certainly happening and fans finally got a glimpse at what to look forward to when the NBC show's trailer was unveiled at the New York Comic-Con. The teaser has delivered some good news, as it appears that Jane Doe and Kurt Weller will continue with their much-awaited romance. Unfortunately, it has also confirmed that Roman will be the main villain in "Blindspot" Season 3.

Viewers have been concerned about Roman's mindset since the second season. After all, his memory was erased by Jane Doe, who thought it would be a good thing for her brother.

However, it all backfired for Jaimie Alexander's character as Roman realized her betrayal. Will Luke Mitchell prove he can be a better villain than Shepherd?

Roman returns with a vengeance

The "Blindspot" Season 3 trailer that debuted at NYCC opens with a glimpse at what happened in the previous finale, where Weller and Jane made a shocking discovery. Although the TVLine video initially teases some development for "Jeller," it doesn't take long for the two to realize that something dangerous is out to get them.

Jane Doe gets a call from Roman, who is clearly still seething over being betrayed by his own sister. However, Weller is quick to jump in and chase the fugitive. There is an exciting scene where Sullivan Stapleton leaps onto Roman's boat but it is unclear whether he manages to capture the new "Blindspot" villain.

There is little doubt that Roman will play a large role in the third season now that Shepherd will no longer be a part of the NBC series. It is not yet clear whether he will be working for Sandstorm so the idea of Weller's team getting some help from a beloved character is a welcome one.

Don't look now, it's Rich Dotcom

Ennis Esmer has definitely endeared himself to "Blindspot" fans by playing the eccentric Rich Dotcom. The character made his debut in the first season before showing up in the Season 2 episodes "Resolves Eleven Myths" and "Borrow or Rob." Now it looks like Rich will be all over the upcoming season.

Rich Dotcom only has a brief appearance in the "Blindspot" Season 3 trailer but his cameo immediately had fans wondering if he will soon be part of the main cast. Although there is no confirmation that Ennis Esmer will be joining Kurt Weller's team, some believe he will be part of more than just two episodes.

Will Roman prove to be more dangerous to Jane Doe than Shepherd ever was? Could Rich Dotcom play a larger role in the series? Find out when "Blindspot" Season 3 premieres on NBC on October 27.