Previews for Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Billy is about to get busted. Ravi excitedly tells Jack and Ashley that someone has just used Dina's password to access Jabot files. Spoilers from the Christian Post say that Billy's bad decision will catch up with him this week. Victoria tried to stop her ex, by telling him it was too risky to use Phyllis' computer again. He did not listen, and now, the youngest Abbott may be facing criminal charges. He will also lose the respect of his siblings as well as the woman he loves.

When Phyllis finds out her lover used her to help his former wife, she will come undone.

Billy should have listened to Victoria

Billy's addictive personality has taken over and he is not listening to reason. His obsession with Jack has him operating as he did in his gambling and drinking days. Victoria warned him that enough was enough, but her former spouse just could not say no. He is wired to get a rush from taking risks, and he loves bedding Phyllis then sneaking downstairs to use her computer. He should have listened to the mother of his children because now he is about to get busted.

Victoria appreciates what her ex was willing to do for her company, but said she did not want it to cause problems in his current relationship.

When it all hits the fan, however, Phyllis may kick loverboy to the curb. Naturally, Vicki will be pleased, and take this as a sign that Billy risked all for her. She may even believe that the two of them now have a chance to reconcile. Jack, however, will be out for blood, and only Ashley and Traci may be able to dial him down a notch.

Victor Newman may rescue Billy boy

Last week Victor told his daughter that if she needed him, he would be glad to help her crush Jack Abbott. Now, Victoria may be forced to call on her dad if charges are pressed against her ex. Victor would probably put aside his animosity towards "Billy boy" if he can get even with his arch enemy.

The oldest Abbott sibling has been on the Newman patriarch's radar ever since he began dating Nikki. The fact that the offer was put forth to Vicki, indicates that her father has an ace up his sleeve.

No matter how it turns out, Billy will be exposed for tampering with Jabot files. And Phyllis will be hurt more than anyone. She has been believing that her relationship was solid, and she accepted Billy in a way Victoria never did. When she finds out that Billy, Ravi, Jack, and Ashley deceived her it will be heartbreaking. More than anything else, Phyllis will be hard pressed to deal with the fact that her man stuck it to her in order to help his ex.