Teresa Giudice has always stood behind her husband as he revealed that he made mistakes with some numbers, signatures, and money. Teresa claims she knew nothing about what her husband was doing, but she kept saying that she was loyal to him. Many fans of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" couldn't understand why she wasn't angry at his actions and him faking her signature took her away from her daughters for a year. However, she kept saying she had moved on and she was happy with her husband.

Even though Giudice has put on the public face that she's standing by her husband, her newest book reveals that she may have changed her mind.

According to a new report, Teresa Giudice is now opening up about how she's truly angry at her husband for leaving her behind as a Single Mother of four. joe giudice was sentenced to three and a half years, and he has served about 18 months at present time. In about two years, Teresa will determine whether her marriage is worth fighting for.

Now contemplating divorce

In her new book, "Standing Strong," Teresa Giudice reveals that she's actually furious with her husband. He put her in a situation that she didn't ask for and she had to spend time away from her daughters. She wasn't happy about that.

“I used to lead a charmed life. Joe made plenty of money to support our family and then some,” Teresa writes in her new book, "Standing Strong," revealing that she's now blaming her husband for now she feels and how she's leading her life.

“I was happy and relaxed. Until Joe f—— up. And he f—– up bad. Now I’m a single mother. I handle everything. All of it. And I support my entire family financially, which is a big weight on my shoulders on top of everything else," she continues.

Other reports have claimed that Teresa's parents gave her permission to divorce her husband, as his illegal behavior wasn't something she had agreed to.

Deportation still on the table

When Joe Giudice is released from prison, he will have to answer to a possible deportation order. Teresa Giudice knows that a judge will decide whether deportation is an option. If Joe is indeed thrown out of the country, it is possible that Teresa won't go with him. She has started a successful career in New Jersey and she seems to have no interest in giving everything up for him.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice being open to divorcing Joe? Are you surprised she's lashing out at him in her new book, revealing that she's actually quite angry with him?