The latest updates and spoilers for "Avengers 4" reveal the return of "Iron Man 3" key character, Harley Keener, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Harley was instrumental in helping Tony Stark fight Aldrich Killian and his Extremist army during the events of the third "Iron Man" movie.

There are also new casting calls for "mourners" in the fourth film as the funeral scene will hint a major character's possible death in the MCU. His or her demise will likely have a huge impact in the future projects for phase 4.

Iron Man's kid sidekick returns

According to IMDB, Ty Simpkins will reprise his role as Harley Keener in "Avengers 4." Aside from the casting, no other specifics were given about the character, but it is interesting to see how Harley will help Tony Stark and the team take the fight to Thanos in the movie.

The events of the fourth movie will take place on Earth and the Avengers will face the full force of the Mad Titan as he invades the planet once again to finish the job, and this time he will use all of the Infinity Stones to do it.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Guardians of the Galaxy will join forces against Thanos in "Infinity War" as the latter and his Black Order are targeting Vision and Doctor Strange for the Time and Mind Stones.

The leaked "Infinity War" trailer also revealed Thor's first encounter with the Guardians, Peter Parker's Iron Spider suit, and Captain America's bearded look.

Major death in the MCU

Central Casting Georgia are looking for extras to play mourners for a funeral scene in "Avengers 4" and the sequence might indicate a major character's death in the movie.

Comic Book fans have speculated that the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor could die in the MCU, as the contracts of Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth will expire after phase 3.

Thanks to the actors that are ready to move on, Thanos can not only kill them to add real stakes in the fourth movie but also make Marvel Studios' job easier at minimizing their ensembles for future film projects.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige teases the possibility of bringing a female Thor to phase 4 as he told Fandango that elements of "CivIl War" and "Planet Hulk" were adapted to the MCU, and it will not be long for studio to decide to bring in a new God of Thunder to the big screen.

Comic Book fans want Jane Foster to become the new Thor in the MCU similar to the mainstream comics, but the studio is unsure if Natalie Portman will return to reprise her character.

"Avengers 4" will premiere on May 3, 2019.