Recently, “Little People, Big World” star Jacob Rollof expressed his frustrations to the show that he used to be a part of. He took to social media his sentiments and revealed his reasons for leaving the reality TV series. The hit reality TV show has recently shown the birth of Jackson Kyle Roloff, Zach and Tori's son. However, in the midst of all these things happening in the family, Molly, the only girl among the siblings is not present in the show. Her absence in many important milestones of the family leads fans to wonder about her and her interest in the hit reality TV series.

What happened to Molly?

Molly's brother, Jacob, has been loud about his decision of leaving "Little People, Big World." The only daughter in the Roloff family is frequently absent in the series as well. Fans of the reality series find it a bit strange not hearing about Molly. There are, however, some posts on Amy Roloff's Instagram account that afforded some details about Roloff’s only girl.

There were times when Molly would be in several episodes of "Little People, Big World." Her intermittent appearances are due to her education. Molly went to Spokane, WA to study accounting. Eventually, she decided to settle there and to be with her future husband. In December 2016, the 23-year old got engaged with Joel Silvius.

In the show, the whole family is excited about the new phase in Molly’s life. The couple is planning to take their matrimonial vow in August 2017.

Update on Jacob

Jacob Rollof is now happy after being able to air his reasons for leaving the TLC show. Right now, the outspoken Rollof son has his own web series, which includes video blogs.

His web series only reveals his penchant for the limelight and the way the reality TV show has affected his life. With his new web and blog series, Jacob has the freedom to do what he wants to show to his viewers. He made it clear that he has no resentment towards his former show because he has moved on. He compared his parting from the show to a part of life when someone has to leave home and need to be in another place.

"Little People, Big World" debuted on TV in mid-2000 where the story initially focused on Amy and Matt Roloff after their divorce. There were also storylines about Zach and Jeremy and their married lives. The show has undergone some casting changes when Jacob left. Now fans are eager to see Molly Roloff on the reality show before she finally ties the knot.