Fans who tuned in to the premiere episode of the second season of “Asia’s got talent” were not disappointed as various acts came in with lots of surprises. Some of the acts did not satisfy the judges’ tastes but there were others who received the coveted “Golden Buzzer.”

Asia’s Got Talent” launched its worldwide premiere episode on October 12 and was aired on cable channel AXN. From a rapping grandmother to stunning magic tricks, international viewers were taken to a whole new kind of experience.

Adem dance crew, a group of four dancers who hail from Kyrgyzstan, received the Golden Buzzer from Jay Park.

This dance group performed a unique kind of routine filled with popping and locking tricks.

This Central Asian team used high-percussion music. They also wore costumes that were a combination of modern designs and traditional outfits from their country. Some parts of the costumes even beamed light effects on stage.

The performance also featured a number of arm flexibility stunts and tricks of bending these arms to offer an illusion of bones breaking. There were also some leg splits. While the judges and the hosts showed reactions of shock during some parts of their act, the audience loudly cheered and even gave Adem Dance Crew a standing ovation.

Golden buzzer

Before the performance, Park asked them about their country of origin and when they pronounced the name, the judges almost never understood it.

Kyrgyzstan is a country situated near China and has people who speak in Russian.

“We are going to hear more about your country,” Indonesian singer Anggun commented, stuttering as she tried to pronounce it. “I almost got it! That was amazing.”

Meanwhile, music producer david foster said he has “never seen” those moves in his life.

Jay said the performance was “amazing and really, really good.”

He pressed the Golden Buzzer for the Kyrgyz dance crew. The recipients of this special buzzer and affirmation will automatically qualify for the semi-finals.

Magic tricks

Furthermore, Andrew Lee also graced “Asia’s Got Talent” stage to present some of his magic tricks.

Lee is a visual artist and magician from Malaysia. His performance was dubbed as the “Flying Dagger.”

He called the two hosts, Justin Bratton and Alan Wong on stage to personally take part in the magic stunt. Using a deck of cars and a knife, the magician threw the weapon from afar toward Wong who was wearing a protective gear. The knife landed on the protective gear on the host’s torso but went through the exact card he has chosen.

According to his official profile, Lee started out his career at a young age and now does various magic tricks. These include levitation, mentalism and object disappearances. He received affirmative responses from all of the judges.

Talented grandmother

One of the most memorable acts of the night belonged to a grandmother from the Philippines.

She was wearing a red long dress when she entered the stage and made the audience think that she was going to belt out some songs. However, she took off the dress to reveal a black ensemble. She also sported a glittering cap and a set of neck bling.

Mercifuletes Viola, a 68-year-old widow, performed Jessie J’s “Price Tag,” a song that featured rap beats, ABS-CBN News Online reported. She also got an opportunity to kiss Jay Park and David Foster.

“Asia’s Got Talent” continues with the next set of auditions next week. The winner of the second season will receive the grand prize worth $100,000.