The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 6 reveal the live-action debut of Richard Dragon in episode 6. Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that the show's version of Richard will be "grounded and gritty," and he will bring his own team to fight Team Arrow for control over Star City's criminal underground.

Co-producer Wendy Mericle also announced the return of Vigilante to the show, and why the showrunners have not cast an actor to play the dangerous anti-hero.

Epsidoe 6 synopsis

According to the synopsis, Richard Dragon comes to Star City and steals valuable tech from several companies, as Green Arrow (John Diggle) and his team try to stop him.

Meanwhile, Slade Wilson continues to find clues about his missing son, Joe, and Oliver Queen will make a huge decision that will affect his status as mayor and leader of Team Arrow.

The show's version of Richard Dragon is based on the New 52 character, Richardo Diaz Jr. He is a dangerous crime lord and founder of the "Longbow Hunters." Dragon, in the show, will have a habit of attacking Team Arrow both "personally and directly" just to gain an advantage.

The episode also teased Slade's search for his son and his relationship with him will be featured in flashback scenes before he met Oliver Queen on the Lian Yu.

Vigilante not yet cast?

Mericle revealed new details about Vigilante in "Arrow" season 6 as she told Rotten Tomatoes (via Screenrant) about his return and why the showrunner has not yet cast an actor to play the DC character.

"He'll have a really cool storyline, not just in respect to the city, but also with respect to a particular member of the team," Mericle said. "We're intrigued and we're kind of going through the casting process right now. We're very excited about it."

Vigilante made his live-action debut in season 5, and he has fought Green Arrow and his team on a number of occasions.

Comic book fans assumed that Vigilante's identity is Star City district attorney Adrian Chase, but they were misled after Chase outed himself as the serial killer, Prometheus.

Cast member Stephen Amell told Entertainment Weekly that Oliver's decision to pass the Green Arrow identity to John Diggle is his way to spend time with his son, William, and lead a normal life despite his hectic as mayor.

Diggle's run as the Emerald Archer will not last, as Oliver is forced back into action to fight the Earth X army with his fellow DC TV heroes in the "Crisis on Earth X" crossover.