The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 6 will feature details on Slade Wilson's son and the showrunners are not planning to add new members to Team Arrow.

Slade's son on season 6

A new casting announcement for the "Arrow" TV series revealed that one of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke's offspring will be appearing in its sixth season and the showrunners revealed a brief description of the character.

According to TV Line, the producers are looking for an "Aussie lad" who could play an introverted, moody and a naturally athletic teenager. Deathstroke had three children in the comics and with the word "lad" in place in the description, Slade's daughter Rose Wilson will not make the cut, although Isabella Roschev provided the character's look in season 2.

This leaves Joe and Grant Wilson as the possible choices for an appearance in "Arrow" Season 6. Grant Wilson was the first person to become a Ravager before his sister and fought the Teen Titans during the "Judas Contract" arc. Grant made his live-action appearance in the first season of "Legends of Tomorrow" as the ruler of Star City in the year 2046. Given that the episode is just one possible future timeline, audiences might see a very different version of the character in the "Arrow" TV show.

As for Joe, he is Slade's youngest son and a member of the Teen Titans under the superhero name Jericho. Joe has the ability to possess a person's body, controlling their movements as long as the host's body is unconscious.

Slade mentioned his son to Oliver Queen during their time in the Lian Yu and has yet to appear in the "Arrowverse."

The showrunners teased flashback scenes for Slade Wilson, revealing more of his past before meeting Oliver on the island.

No new members

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim announced during SDCC 2017 that season 6 will not feature new members for Team Arrow, regardless of the aftermath of the fifth season.

"Regardless of what the size of the team is, post season 5, we are not looking right now to add additional people to it," Guggenheim told Comic Book.

The current members of Team Arrow include Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Curtis Holt, Quentin Lance, Rene Ramirez, and Dinah Drake. They were captured by Prometheus' group and imprisoned on the Lian Yu.

Oliver witnessed the island explode after he defeated the villain, watching in horror as he tried to find them.

It is shown during the SDCC trailer that all of the members of Team Arrow survived the encounter and are still operating in Star City facing a new threat, Richard Dragon.

"Arrow" Season 6 will premiere on Thursday, Oct. 12 on the CW Network.