The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 6 reveal new flashback's scenes for John Diggle and Slade Wilson. Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim stated that flashback's scenes are now centered on different characters in the show instead of Oliver Queen, and each story will reveal new secrets about them that are not yet shown in the series.

Casts member Stephen Amell talks about Oliver's decision to make John his successor as Green Arrow, and what is next for his character's journey this season.

New flashbacks

According to Marc Guggenheim, the new flashback scenes for John Diggle and Slade Wilson will center on their family life before they became the persons they are in the show.

In John's case, the show will explore is his life before he joined the army.

"We're going to do character-centered flashbacks and we're very cognizant of the fact that we've never done a none-military flashback for Diggle, "Guggenheim told TVLine (via "It's something we talk about a lot but we have to marry to the right story."

As for Slade Wilson, Guggenheim teased that his story will be very exciting and it can be seen in the two-part Deathstroke episode in season 6. Slade will find and save his son, Joe from a Kasnian prison. His family life will be explored in the flashbacks before he met Oliver on the Lian Yu.

What's next for Olive Queen?

Stephen Amell shared his thoughts about Oliver passing the Green Arrow identity to Diggle, and what is next for his character as he told Entertainment Weekly that having his son, William is the biggest "game-changer" in his life, and he has to be there for him, while balancing his already grueling job as Star City's mayor.

The "TMNT 2" star added that he gave the mantle to Diggle "wholeheartedly" as he trusts him to do what is right for the city and Team Arrow, while he is unaware of his best friend's personal problems. Audiences and comic book fans will see Diggle suit up as the Green Arrow in this week's episode.

Diggle's time as the Emerald Archer will not last long as Oliver will likely take the mantle again and join his fellow DC TV heroes in stopping an army of Earth X soldiers led by evil versions of The Flash, Supergirl, and Prometheus.

Several behind-the-scenes photos revealed that Green Arrow is fighting against Prometheus X and Overgirl is going straight to the church building to crash Barry Allen and Iris West's wedding. The "Crisis on Earth X" crossover will premiere on Nov. 27-28.